"Maverick shines!"

REVIEW "Maverick shines!" Liz Maverick had the third book in the series of five 2176 for Dorchester Publishing. And she has a hard row to hoe, as they say. Being the middle child is always considered being a pain. In Yank baseball, batting third is, I believe, called hitting clean-up, meaning not only are you expected to hit as well as the two batters before you, but are expected to drive them home. That is Maverick's tough task.

As I looked at the other writers of the series, I see them shining. Grant, the creator of the concept, had the task of selecting the other books in the series - and she chose well! She is a strong Sci-Fi Romance writer and she kicked 2176 off in high-flying fashion in April with THE LEGEND OF BANSAI MCGUIRE, giving her fellow writers a standard to hit. And boy did Kathleen Nance rise to the occasion with DAY OF FIRE in May. Nance, always a beautiful writer, kicked butt with this Canadian saga in the cycle. Book Four, THE POWER OF TWO is coming up in August under the skilled hand of a new voice in romance, Patti O'Shea. I am looking forward to it her because her debut novel RAVYN'S FLIGHT was such a strong book I have no doubt she will score a hit. So, Maverick was not only in the hard spot of book three, having to follow in the path of the two super books, she is more of an unknown factor. I interviewed all the ladies for a feature article about the series and found Maverick's enthusiasm very refreshing, but this book was coming from a writer that had never written a full Romance novel! Could she do it? She had written short stories for the saucy, spicy Red Sage's Secrets and she had a Sex in the City style Chit Lit novel WHAT A GIRL WANTS (March 2004, New American Library), but could she really do a full Sc-Fi Romance? Could she step up to the plate and hit a home run, reaching the quality of Grant and Nance, seasoned writers?

Well, stand back, Liz Maverick proves she can do anything thing she wants! This book rises to Grant's and Nance's challenge and proves she has a power to write whatever strikes her talented fancy! The same energy that came through to me in our interview, imbues her character Jenny Red with life. Jenny vibrates with savvy, with a highly charged sense to stay alive. She had to because she faced the cesspit of Newgate and lived. Once in history Australia was a penile colony. So it is again, but just not for England, this time it serves as the dumping ground of every criminal, every miscreant that does not fit into the well order world in 2176. Jenny was an innocent, but that did not stop Prince Kyber (the bad guy, who is just an arrogant, misunderstood good guy from Grant's lead novel) from sending a young woman who had done nothing to Newgate. Her father was accused of killing Kyber's father in an attempted taking over of the royal ruling house of new Asia. The fuss saw Jenny condemned for her father's actions, as well as Kyber's half brother D'ekkar Han Valoren. Jenny never knew what D'ekkar went through in the days after her exile to Newgate, and she had little time to worry over his fate, because she was scrambling to stay alive.

She crawled out of Newgate, but D'ekkar tracks her down and needs her help. He is part of an organization called The Shadow Runners -- a group using Banzai Maguire to spearhead a worldwide revolution. D'ekkar, once part of that ruling world, now hates it and hates his brother for his vile treatment, for being branded illegitimate. He is part of the Shadow Runners and will do anything to see freedom for all. Even sacrificing Jenny.

Jenny and D'ekkar strike a strong cord. Survivors, yet underneath are very caring people. They are hard because they were forced to be. Jenny especially touches the heart with her in your face woman, who hides the tender bruised heart who loved D'ekkar, yet blames him for her exile for a crime in which she had no role. She is hard, but D'ekkar reaches her as no other and she will walk through fire for him, even worse, she will return to Newgate where her life is worth nothing.

Maverick toots her horn -- look out she is a writer to watch. It's a stand-alone book, you don't have to read the first two -- but I strongly recommend you not missing some of the hottest edge fiction written today and advice you to keep on with the two coming. Sci-Fi Romance is blazing hot and Grant, Nance, Maverick and O'Shea are making their mark at the top.

Kudos for Dorchester doing this gutsy series, giving writers so much control over their own works, Kudos for Grant for seeing the talent in her fellow writers and giving new talent the chance to strut their stuff!

Posted June 12, 2004

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted June 12, 2004


Newgate, Australia: In the 22nd century, history repeats itself. Part penal colony, part dumping ground for toxic waste, the land is controlled by "the Parliament," a gang of dissipated self-styled aristocrats. To survive here, you have to know the tricks. Like Jenny Red. She's been Down and made it out to tell the tale.

But D'ekkar Han Valoren.the bastard son of the Emperor that Jenny's family was accused of destroying.knows Jenny escaped, and he wants her to take him back in. Okay, maybe she'll help Deck's team of rebels, his Shadow Runners, like he asks. But not because he's holding anything over her. No, she'll do it because of what was once between them. Because of the revolution of her heart.


The Shadow Runners
(2176 Series: Book 3)
by Liz Maverick

Love Spell
June 1, 2004
Available: June 1, 2004
ISBN #0505525895
EAN #9780505525895
352 pages
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