"Enemy Mine with spice"

Rulagh Lugraarown is an exo-biologist, a reptilian/mammal from Zaamezz, on a mission to earth. He has ten years to find and destroy feral chupacabras, known by his people as Shrennan, the alien pets left on earth by wealthy tourists. His task is sidetracked, however, when he is discovered and befriended by Roberto Rodriguez, a wealthy businessman dealing in security systems development. Rodriguez is terminally ill with cancer. Though Rodriguez is beyond even the advanced technology of Rulagh's people, Rulagh stays with the older man during his last hours, making him as comfortable as possible until his last breath.

Secluded and alienated because of his appearance and the secret nature of his assignment, Rulagh's job has just become more difficult. Until he meets Rodriguez's young daughter, Sonia.

Sonia Rodriguez is a smart and spirited website designer who enjoys competing and winning jousting matches at renaissance fairs in her spare time. Motherless at an early age and raised by an aunt and uncle, Sonia misses her father desperately, and would rather have had his presence in her life growing up than the loads of money he has provided for her through his manifold business concerns.

Recently dumped by a drug addicted pretty boy, Sonia is just beginning to get her personal life back together when she receives word of her father's death. Regrettably, Rodriguez died without his daughter ever having known of his illness. But he has provided as well for her in death as he did in life with his last will and testament. The only catch: Sonia must relocate to her father's estate in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico and stay for one year. Sonia readily agrees, but would rather have been with her father the last year of his life than become a wealthy heiress and major shareholder of Rodriguez ltd.

More than wanting to take care of his daughter for the rest of her life, Rodriguez's other motive is to have Sonia help Rulagh eradicate the chupacabra infestation on earth. What her father could never have predicted was how well his daughter and his alien friend would get along.

Tough, capable and an avid science fiction fan, Sonia is, however, still thrown for a loop when she first encounters Rulagh, especially since their first meeting occurs on the heels of Sonia running for her life from two ferocious chupacabras. She defends herself with a can of pepper spray and incapacitates the two beasts before they can tear her to pieces. A hooded and machete-wielding Rulagh comes to her rescue and finishes the job, but Sonia has a hard time figuring out who and what is more dangerous to her: the, up until that moment, wild beasts of many an urban legend, or the mysterious red-eyed man who destroys them.

Ms. Karmazin has a deft hand when it comes to description and world building, each of which lends itself to a rich skillfully crafted plot. The story is fast-paced and peopled with engaging and well-delineated characters. Sonia and Rulagh have instant sizzling chemistry sustained in tasteful, sensually graphic love scenes dispersed throughout the book, and that never grow stale.

Enemy Mine with spice, and an excellent read. I highly recommend "The Huntress!"

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted June 9, 2004


It's 2032, RULAGH is an exo-biologist and veterinary surgeon at the Interstellar Humane Society. While purging three hundred years of outdated files, an anomaly snags his attention.

Eighty years ago, interstellar tourists misplaced six pets on a remote planet listed as 'Earth'in the Sol star system. RULAGH alerts his superiors to the disastrous ecological repercussions from the feral descendants of these mislaid pets. He and three co-workers travel to Earth to eradicate the dangerous pets before this incident causes a major uproar in interstellar politics.

SONIA RODRIGUEZ, arrives in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. A science fiction enthusiast and Renaissance Faire quarterstaff jouster, Sonia programs computers, designs websites and security software. Her father's will states that in order for her to claim a billion dollar inheritance, she must live in his Cabo Rojo mansion for one year.

Sonia and Rulagh become The Huntress and Alien in Black. They create a team of aliens and humans to eradicate these dangerous animals and, in the process of working together, forge a love that transcends species.


The Huntress
by Barbara Karmazin

Atlantic Bridge Publishing (Liquid Silver Books)
February 14, 2004
ISBN #1931761841
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