"Two delightful romances for the price of one!"

At long last those incorrigible twins, who were never far from trouble in Ms. Hill's previous historical Viking romances, have struck out on their own in more ways than one. Inseparable since birth (except for a moment of madness when their father made the foolish mistake of fostering them apart for a few brief months), Toste and Vagne Ivarsson were about to meet their maker together at the prime age of 31. Joining the Jomsvikings had seemed glamorous at the time but, a year of chastity later, pillaging Saxon churches for sacred relics did not seem worth dying for. However, grossly outnumbered, and gravely injured, the twins accept their fate, fully expecting to be reunited on the other side. Is that fate we hear laughing? Ah yes, for both men will be rescued from the battlefield to eventually recover, each thinking that the other had died. What could fill such an unbearable hole left by one's other half? They will soon find out.

Toste awakens at St. Anne's Abby where he encounters Lady Esme, a novice of long standing, who has been using the Abby as a sanctuary. Esme's late mother had willed her only daughter her dower lands which apparently was enough reason to for her Father and brothers to attempt her murder. In a pain filled haze Toste hears something quite different when Esme states her given name, a phase which conjures nights of steamy passions. While Esme is quite plainly disgusted with men, Toste becomes determined to change her mind. Toste, and his old friend Bolthor the Skald, soon devise a daring plan to recover Esme's rightful inheritance. This will lead them to the home of Eirik of Ravenshire and a raucous reunion with several old familiar friends. Can Toste convince Esme to take him for more than her estate manager? Will she be the one to fill the gaping hole left by Vagne's death?

Vagne awakens tied to bed in the home of Gorm Sigursson. It seems Gorm has mistaken Vagne for Toste, who had ruined his daughter's chances for wedded bliss, having tagged her "Helga the Homely" in his thoughtless youth. Now Gorm expects Toste, I mean Vagne, to make up for this transgression by marrying said daughter, and giving him a much longed for grandchild. Naturally Helga is shocked by this state of affairs. Taunted and ignored over the years, Helga, though no longer homely, has grown independent and has no use for a man in her life. Still she has a soft spot for her father, and well Toste, I mean Vagne, isn't at all bad to look at. Maybe. just maybe. she can persuade him to donate the seed that would give her father the grandchild he so badly wants, without an entanglement. After all, how hard could that be? The results of her experiments are both hilarious and dangerous - to her heart, that is. Tempted though he is by the no longer homely Helga, Vagne's first priority is to avenge his brother's death. And of course he could never leave a child of his behind. No, another arrangement would be have to be made if Vagne had anything to say about it. Never under estimate a determined Viking maiden. Yowsa!

Not only are the individual situations of the two brothers fraught with hilarity, but naturally, being twins, Toste and Vagne share that special connection, which under the circumstances is both confusing and maddening for them, as each finds the other laughing at his predicament "from the grave". A TALE OF TWO VIKINGS is two-for-one, sexy, steamy, comedy which will leave the reader laughing out loud. By the way, ATOTV introduces the youngsters of Eirik and Tykir Thorksson, who appear to be as incorrigible as their infamous fathers. Who knows what Ms. Hill could be cooking up next.

Copyright 2004

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted June 9, 2004


Once upon a time there were two Viking men.

Twins they were, handsome as sin, inseparable from birth.

But then they died, or so each thought.

But never fear.

Coming to the rescue are: the world's oldest novice nun and Helga the Homely.

Let the Viking laughter begin!

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A Tale Of Two Vikings
(Viking Series I: Book 7)
by Sandra Hill

Leisure Books
May 1, 2004
ISBN #0843951583
EAN #9780843951585
384 pages
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