"A Fast-paced rollercoaster ride set in a Imaginative World"

Sulis Sayre is a Healer from one of the most respected and oldest families in The Balance. Her grandfather is a Guardian and Council member, her grandmother a Healer and Priestess, her mother a High Priestess, and her brother a Guardian. With connections like these, one would think Sulis would be leading the life of Riley in her role as a Healer of The Balance. But neither her family background nor her Healing abilities can bring back the self- confidence that she's lost after allowing Janus to corrupt her brain and ruin her reputation.

When Adept Diana is suddenly contacted by California Magick's damaged Bedrock requesting help and a healer, Sulis is given the assignment against her wishes. She has already approached her grandmother about joining the Daughters of Goddess, an austere sect within The Balance, whose sole purpose is to serve Goddess -- no communication with the outside world, including family, not to mention followers must shave their heads. Sulis no longer has faith in her ability to heal, and believes she doesn't deserve to serve Goddess in the "easy" way she has been. Joining DOG would be a form a penance but for Sulis's grandmother who tries to talk her out of joining the radical group.

Llyr is a Mage and former Stronghold Rat without the connections or Balance blood running through his veins to which Sulis lays claim. He is, however, magically gifted and prides himself on his self-control. His current assignment involves the study of Bedrock, something else of which he takes great pride. When he is summoned to assist Sulis in healing California Magick's Bedrock, not only his pride and self-control are put to the ultimate test, but his very sanity as he is forced to face a painful past that involved a cheating fiancee and Llyr's almost losing his life in the explosion at California Magick two years previous.

Sulis' reputation as "easy" precedes her. Llyr sees her as a spoiled Balance tramp and resents the assignment, but cannot say no to the Council, as his sole purpose in life since he became a Mage apprentice is to serve Goddess in any way he can. He's of course tickled pink -- NOT -- when the Council insists that he and Sulis must become bondmates in order to successfully fulfill the duties of their current assignment of healing the Bedrock. To make matters a hundred times worse, Goddess has sanctioned Sulis and Llyr's bonding only after they have assured her that they will be bondmates in every sense of the word and not "fake it": specifically, they must become sexually intimate.

When Sulis is visited by a dead but unfortunately not quite departed Shiva -- a magickally powerful follower of the evil Queen and Win and Diana's opponent in "Magick" -- Llyr is forced to open up about his past, more, reveal that his future wife was murdered and sacrificed to the evil Queen by Dion (aka Shiva) after Llyr had discovered the pair in bed together.

Sparks fly between Sulis and Llyr immediately, but not necessarily of a good variety. As time goes on, however -- learning each other's quirks, past mistakes, weaknesses, and secrets -- and they work together to heal Bedrock, their true feelings are soon revealed, and Goddess' wisdom in bringing them together is once again proven right.

Mary Taffs has once again created an exciting magical world where good always triumphs over evil, but not without a life-and-death struggle, and true love is well-worth the heartache it takes to attain it.

The Glossary of terms at the end of the book is a nice bonus that makes this "Healing Magick" an enjoyable stand-alone for first time readers of the series who may pick up the book out of sequence.

Peopled with engaging, intelligent and strong hero and heroine, and colorful multi-dimensional secondary characters the driving force behind a suspenseful, fast-paced rollercoaster ride set in the well-delineated and imaginative world of The Balance, "Healing Magick" is a must read and welcomed addition to the series.

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted June 8, 2004


Book III of the Magick series: Healer Sulis betrayed her sacred vows and now she longs for a life of penance. Goddess and the Council have other plans, however. Sulis is sent to California Magick to Heal its shattered Bedrock, and Mage Llyr is assigned to help her

Returning to California Magick is Mage Llyr's worst nightmare, and the nightmare is made worse by Sulis's presence. She is everything he lusts after, but he cannot condone her past behavior, nor does he trust her.

Sulis and Llyr are both obedient servants of Goddess, and when She orders them to become bondmates, they comply. They learn to care for one another as they work together to Heal Bedrock.

But the enemies of the Balance are never idle. Sulis and Llyr are soon faced with a pair of unprecedented threats that they must face alone. Are they strong enough, both together and separately, to succeed?


Healing Magick
(Magick series - Book III)
by Mary Taffs

May 1, 2004
ISBN #1587494353
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