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Arukan is a country made up of clans, some nomadic and others wedded to the land. It is a harsh world made up of castes with the baseborn children belonging nowhere and reduced to begging or prostitution to obtain food and shelter. Kevla Bai-Sha finds men for her mother to have sex with until a lord of the highest caste brings him into her home as a handmaiden to his wife Yeshi. She becomes one of Yeshi's favorites until she learns that Kevla is the daughter of Yeshi's husband.

Yeshi banishes her to the kitchens and the only person who makes her life bearable is the Lord's heir Jashemi who knows that she is the other half of his soul. They love in spite of the taboo that prevents it and when they finally give in to their passion Kevla discovers her role as a fire element in saving the world and that Jasheni is her beloved in this life and others. Kevla with the help of the Truekeepers call for a convocation of the clan and begs them to unite against a common enemy or watch the destruction of their world.

Christie Golden has written a fabulous fantasy about a world that can only be saved by the five elemental dancers of which Kevla is fire. If she succeeds in her quest, her world and two others will be saved, but if she fails, the Shadow will overtake the land and destroy all life within. This is the opening installment in what reads like a grand saga and if ON FIRE'S WINGS is any example, the other books in this series will be just as fantastic.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted June 9, 2004


There's little time befoe the Final Dance

On wings of fire she rises . . .

She was born without caste or position in Arukan, a country that prized both. Then a chance encounter lead her to a better life. But it also brought her to danger and destiny. Because Kevla Bai-sha's fevered dreams - looming threats to their land and visions of dragons that had once watched over her people - held the promise of truth.

Now Arukan - shadowed by mountains and myths - might be overcome by eternal darkness. Kevla, together with Jashemi-kha-Tahmu, rebel prince of the ruling household, would defy all law, all tradition, to embark on a daring quest for the half-forgotten elemental parts that will save the world.

And so Kevla must sacrifice everything . . .only to be reborn in dragon's flames . . .


On Fire's Wings
(Final Dance series: Book 2)
by Christie Golden

July 1, 2004
Available: July 1, 2004
ISBN #0373802080
EAN #9780373802081
352 pages
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