"You'll keep reading into the night ..."

Savannah Alexander was helpless to the recurring dream she had monthly starting at nine-years-old. It was always the same, filled with the evil presence calling her Selena. It spread her with panic, fear, and a helplessness she had never known before. When she was older and was visiting her grandmother with her parents she had it again. This time, however, it came after a day of humiliation from the town bully. She woke crying out and fleeing her room and house. As she did she hurt her foot and there was her cousins' friend Tommy to help her.

Years later when she returned to take much needed vacation she stayed at the same house. It was either take a vacation or most likely end up having a breakdown from the stress of the newly returned dream and with more force, power, and evil than before. A series of coincidences make for an odd stay starting with the return of Tommy who is all grown up and not the boy she remembers.

Now a doctor, Dr. Tom Patterson came to the town of East Prairie on business and never intended to find Savannah staying there. Along with seeing old friends and family again, Savannah finds the old bully still lives in town. If you take that, add friends and family, add Tom and then herself, you get a very strange situation.

As a single parent, Tom has to juggle the evil known as work and his daughter with precious care. When he comes to town to meet a client and finds out the client is the bully he is disgusted but has no choice. Then after he promises to stay and help Savannah with her lifelong haunting dream she ends up back in the past in which she has no choice but fight for her very life or die.

PAST INDISCRETIONS was a wonderful ride in the past and present. It is a time travel filled with mystery and a good dose of romance all mixed in. The villain isn't your average evil but he is what he is; evil. Paranormal fans should be delighted with this one as the reader was. It was a delight in-a-half. The past scenes were full and ripe with imagination as is the entire book itself. You don't have to worry about it being a good that will make you snore because you'll keep reading into the night just to see the end as fast as possible to see what happens.

Reviewed by Gabrielle Channing
Posted May 14, 2004


Haunted by recurring nightmares of doom, Savannah Alexander learns that the future and past are irrevocably linked. Will she be able to save herself and the man she has grown to love from the horrors that await her back in time... on the lost continent of Atlantis?


Past Indiscretions
by Susanne Marie Knight

Earthling Press
March 1, 2004
ISBN #158749390X
EAN #9781587493904
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