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The Teleod and the Metaji are at war each blaming the other for destroying the fabric of space-time that make such travel possible. Kyllikki, a high-ranking telepath from an elite Teleod family, has become an outlaw amongst her people as she has deserted them to join the Metaji Empire in an effort to stop the war from destroying the galaxy

As her vessel is destroyed the renegade telepath teams up with Zuchmul the Luren (intergalactic vampires) and Idom the Guide (astrogator). Together the trio rescues earthling Elias the Dreamer, who was illegally abducted and unlawfully bonded to Kyllikki's cousin, Zimor head of the Teleod. As they learn more about what is happening to the space-time fabric, the quartet concludes that they must destroy Zimor, but they don't even have a decent space ship and each question whether they can trust any of the other three allies.

Set in the same Lichtenberg galaxy as THOSE OF MY BLOOD, this exciting space opera can stand alone though readers would enjoy the first tale that furbishes further detail about several of the species especially the Luren. The story line is Star Wars in that it is basically a Good vs. evil plot. However, what makes this tale very special (and all of Ms. Lichtenberg's novels -- see the Sime-Gen universe) is the intricate information provided on each species interwoven cleverly into the plot so that readers learn and understand cultures like the Luren, Teleod, and Metaji . Comparative anthropology inside an action packed outer space thriller means a fabulous time and adventure for fans.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted May 3, 2004


Continuing the universe introduced in Those of My Blood , this volume finds two powerful political factions, the Teleod and the Metaji, waging war over two competing systems of interstellar travel, with the Metaji alleging that the Teleod are destroying the substrata of space-time that make such travel possible. A small group of outcasts attempts to divert the course of war to avert disaster. Kyllikki, a high-ranking telepath who deserts the Teleod to join the Metaji Empire, joins with the luren (vampire) Zuchmul and the Guide (astrogator) Idom, to rescue a Dreamer, Elias, after their vessels are destroyed during battle. Elias, who has been kidnapped from Earth, is bonded--illegally--to Kyllikki's cousin, Zimor, leader of the Teleod. The four then set off across the galaxy in a stolen starship to depose Zimor.


by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

BenBella Books
April 1, 2004
ISBN #1932100253
336 pages
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