"An exciting deep erotic SF romance"

A year has passed since the defeat of the malevolent Gandes (see INTO THE FIRE), but some among the victors still struggle to recover their equilibrium. Desperate to feel human again, Captain Jannia Wise begs Emarr Dengas to make love to her. Though he wants to make love with her, Emarr refuses as he is concerned with her total healing from the harrowing cruelty she suffered by the Gandes. Besides Emarr has his own sexual nightmare from when he was a slave of the cruel Ziala McGann. Still the time she spends with Emarr and his adopted daughter provides some solace.

Jannia finds Ziala's latest slave ring. She enlists Emarr and a few other associates to end Ziala's business before other lives are destroyed. Emarr wants to say no again because he fears a confrontation with the owner who abused every inch of his body and every micron of his soul. However, he cannot allow the woman loves to fight without him at her side.

WALLS OF ICE is an exciting deep erotic character study starring two protagonists and fans will want them together as they deserve the best and that would be the other. The story line moves rather quickly forward as an action- packed thriller yet also makes a full circle spin as Emarr must confront his worst inner nightmare, "the forces of nurture" that imprinted on his soul. Though reading the first book helps provide some insight into Jannia's demons (INTO THE FIRE is where Gandes maltreats her), WALLS OF ICE can stand alone providing the audience with a thrilling tale of redemption through love and action.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted May 1, 2004


Walls of Ice
by Norma McPhee

April 1, 2004
ISBN #155316122X
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