"CHILD OF TWILIGHT one of the best vampire books this reviewer has ever read."

Although she is half human and half vampire, Gillian doesn't want to have a blood bond with her teacher and mentor Volnar so she runs away hoping her father, psychiatrist Roger Darvell, will come to her aid. Roger has only seen his daughter once since in the vampire culture he has no say on her upbringing. On her way to Roger's home Gillian gives her address to Dr. Greer the man who picked her up while she was hitchhiking but she ran away when she shapeshifted. She wasn't supposed to be able to do anything like that until she reached adolescence and she has no control over it.

When she reaches Roger's home he allows her to stay with him and his human bond-mate Britt until something can be worked out. Camille, a half mad vampire wants to punish Roger for the death of her brother and her being locked away for the last fourteen years. She has Dr. Greer kidnap Gillian and then she kills him, making her look like a savior in Gillian's eyes. Roger and Britt risk their lives to rescue Gillian and stop Camille before she kills anymore humans.

Margaret L. Caster's sequel to DARK CHANGELING is everything a good vampire romance should be. The exploration of vampire culture, the villain who wants nothing more than to destroy Roger, the vampire's love for a human and his growing love for his daughter contribute to making CHILD OF TWILIGHT one of the best vampire books this reviewer has ever read. Hopefully Ms. Carter will write Gillian's story because readers will want to see what she is like when she is a grown-up.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 29, 2004


Gillian, a vampire-human hybrid in the throes of adolescence, panics at the unfamiliar urges and powers surging through her. Overwhelmed, she runs to the half-human father she has never known. Psychiatrist Roger Darvell has come to terms with his vampire half and built a good life, with a satisfying career and his human partner, Dr. Britt Loren, who is also his lover. Gillian's sudden appearance out of a December night throws him into turmoil. Can he teach her how to live as an ethical vampire without violating either side of her nature? Before they have much time to learn to trust each other, a specialist in folklore kidnaps Gillian to study her. She is soon rescued--not by Roger, but by Camille, a vampire woman determined to avenge her brother, whom Roger killed in self-defense thirteen years earlier. Camille's wild, fierce lifestyle proves seductive to Gillian. Can she resist Camille's attempt to make her a "real" vampire--one who treats ordinary mortals as mere prey? Can Roger save Gillian before her human side becomes completely submerged in lust for the kill?

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Child of Twilight
(Dark Changeling Series: Book 2)
by Margaret L. Carter

Hard Shell Word Factory
August 1, 2003
ISBN #0759937141
EAN #9780759937147
375 pages
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