"a phenomenal science fiction romance"

I have to say computer concepts are beyond me, but this idea is fascinating... Artificial Intelligence - AI. Ever saved a document and forgotten the title? Imagine this on a grander scale... Vic has created and saved her AI program on her work computer at Vismorph because it has the space and speed required to both build and run her AI program she has named Jodie.

Only now she has been fired and has to save Jodie from getting altered or worse exploited. At the same time Jodie is shuffling around its primary computer components and creating a firewall around the original program in the Vismorph mainframe trying to keep Vic's ex-boss out; while Jodie doesn't understand emotions really it wants a body to be human. Vic only wants to protect her program so after jumping from a burner why not jump into a fire? Because there is no tuning back and if they don't do something quickly, Vic might loose her precious program. Jodie may be a program, but because Vic has designed Jodie to be "perfect" she finds herself attracted to Jodie on all levels.

I will admit I was skeptical. I picked this book up because I was curious how a program could gain life and Ms Squires has created a phenomenal science fiction romance in BODY ELECTRIC. Vic is a lonely, very single computer driven woman who dresses like a man to compete in a male dominated field. When she lets herself be a woman, it is in a disguise and because she has to be in control generally gets hurt.

Jodie was supposed to be the woman she wasn't minus the emotional hang-ups, but Jodie decided that rather than being female, the program was male. I loved the way Jodie just took off and grew, but regarding AI, I would have been disappointed in anything else. Reading how Vic was having a hard time fathoming the knowledge Jodie obtained so quickly was funny! Vic also ended up reuniting with her estranged brother because of Jodie, and I hope it is a permanent mend.

BODY ELECTRIC seems so cutting edge (with computer lingo that I don't understand but doesn't detract from the story too much), especially where Vic is trying to finish her AI program and then again with the whole idea of Jodie trying to gain a human body. I can only imagine this it is from research and ingenuity. The story line is action packed and I wasn't able to put the book down. If you are looking for something different, this is a must read!

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted April 22, 2004


Victoria Barnhardt set out to create something brilliant. She succeeded beyond her wildest fantasies. With one keystroke her program spiraled out of control...and

something was born that defied possibility: a being who called to her.

He spoke from within a prison—seeking escape, seeking release, seeking her. He was a miracle that Vic had never intended. More than a scientific discovery, or a brilliant coup by one of the world's most infamous hackers, he was life. He was beauty. He was genius. And he needed to be freed, just as Vic needed to be released from the shadows of her past. The world might rise against them, but on one starry Los Angeles night, in each other's arms, they would find a way to have each other and freedom both.

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Body Electric
by Susan Squires

Love Spell
August 1, 2002
ISBN #0843950366
EAN #9780843950366
384 pages
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