"Interesting Time Travel Debut"

Following her graduation from college, Katherine St. Claire took a vacation to Scotland. One night, in the castle hotel called Duncreag, she opened the door to a room that didn't exist come the morning. There she spend her first night of passion in the arms of a total stranger. She had thought it a dream, but it had felt very real. One thing she knows for certain, she will never love another. She returned home to the states the very next day.

In the eight years that followed she continued to dream of her mystery man, though the images were blurred. Suddenly the images began to get clearer. Though she couldn't touch or speak to the man, she could see him and he her. She realizes at once what she must do, return to Scotland and try to reach her lover once more. Her brother thinks she's delusional, but she is all the family he has and he loves her deeply.

The past eight years in the fifteenth century have been just as lonely for Iain Mackintosh, who had held the woman of his dreams in his arms for only a single night before she'd vanished into thin air. Though his friends had tried to convince him that he'd dreamed her, he had hard evidence of her visit. She had left one of her cairngorm earrings behind.

He has recently returned home for the first time in all those years. His father has recently met with a fatal accident. Iain is the new lord, and folks have begun to prod him to marry and provide an heir.

The most insistent are Alasdair Davidson and Iain's Aunt Sorcha, who appear to be thick as thieves. Both wish for him to marry Alasdair's sister, Ailis, who is indeed sweet and lovely. However she isn't the woman he has given his heart to, and Alasdair is not a man he wishes to be related to. He finds the man truly repugnant.

Iain suspects his father was murdered, and events transpire that make him suspect the clan McPhearson. Iain had taken a party to inspect the hillside where his father met his fate, when they discovered a group of men in the clan's plaid rving Mackintosh cattle. Katherine appears to Iain in a vision, warning him of an attack from behind. She saves his life, but other's are not so lucky. One man is killed, another lad is badly injured. Iain is extremely downhearted as he prepares for bed. He checks the room adjoining his as he often did, hoping against hope. Disappointed yet again, he turns away but just as he does, he notices a movement.

The reunion is joyous, and the pair immediately pledge themselves to each other. But back in the present Katherine's brother is not joyous. He desperately wants his sister back. Katherine's earrings had been family heirlooms and there had been a legend attached to them. Several things point to Katherine being the lady of the legend, and her fate had not been a happy one. Jeff is determined to fetch her back no matter what the cost. But there is yet another man who has plans for Katherine, the man attached to the legend, a man who covets all that Iain possesses including his wife. Who will prevail? Can the chain of events be altered to provide a HEA?


As with many debut novels there are bound to be things that work well and things that could have worked better. I think Ms. Davis's work shows a lot of promise, especially since her next novel is a straight romantic suspense. She seems to have a flair for it. EVERYTHING IN ITS TIME is essentially a romantic suspense time travel.

First the plusses:
-- The story is set in medieval Scotland, which is my favorite location for time travels.
-- I thought the time travel device, the cairngorm earrings was original. I loved the clues the heroine left behind for her brother and also the "flashbacks" she had while in the present regarding the castle.
-- I especially like time travels in which the traveler has family and the ability to travel in both directions. I find this very romantic because the traveler must choose to sacrifice an important part of their life to be with their beloved.

Things that didn't work for me:

-- I do believe in love at first site but, I have difficulty with a young virginal woman, in a foreign country, opening the door to an adjoining hotel room, entering to see who's in the bed, then having sex with the man after saying nothing more than "Excuse me", fate or no fate. But that's just me.
-- I also was confused by the fact that Katherine thought what transpired between them was a dream while it was transpiring. Yet once she left and couldn't return, she refused to believe it was a dream.
-- I love time travel paradox, but can't reconcile myself to fact that the heroine is her own descendant. The genetic ramifications of that boggle my mind.
-- I also love suspense and intrigue, but the hero and heroine in this story spend more time apart than together, separated by time, kidnapping, and the emotional repercussions of her ordeal.
-- The heroine and her brother changed history several times. At one point the heroine reads about the changes they've wrought in which the Iain dies childless (at least in his time), thereby passing the title down through his cousin. As his daughter is no longer born in his time, she would not meet her intended spouse or have had children in the past and there the whole chain breaks down, because the heroine and her brother would never have been born. They should have ceased to exist, which means that the heroine would never have been there to read the book and change things yet again.
-- There was one other thing that nagged at me throughout the story, Katherine's best friend (and her brother's love interest) is Elaine MacQueen who is half Scots. Iain's best friend/cousin is Ranald MacQueen. At one point when Katherine is between worlds, able to see but not speak to Iain, Ms. Davis indicates that there is something familiar about Ranald. I thought she was going somewhere with the name but never did. I suppose it was just part of the "memories" Katherine has of her life in the past, but then why give them the same surname? In a way I'm glad they weren't related or my mind would really be boggled. That would mean that Jeff (besides being descended from his sister) would share a common ancestor with Elaine as well. I was already worried when she claimed the Davidson's as her ancestors. Thankfully it turned out that the St. Claire's were not of that descent.

Nevertheless I did enjoy the story, and the secondary romance made for a good ending and I'm wondering if Jeff's daughter will find a use for the family heirlooms. Who knows?

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 22, 2001


While on vacation, Katherine St. Claire shared a night of passion with a stranger she's never been able to forget. Now, she'll meet her mysterious lover once again-in 15th century Scotland.


Everything in its Time
by Dee Davis

Jove Pubns
July 1, 2000
ISBN #0515128740
EAN #9780515128741
336 pages
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