"Two thumbs up, and I highly recommend this book!"

Marcus Van Buren and Daisy Malone have gotten married (from SCANDALOUS SPIRITS) and are off on their honeymoon. Still wanting to help his deceased relatives cross over and thus vacate his mansion, Marcus has hired Thaddeus Bookman, a professional when it comes to helping ghosts cross over, to get rid of them. However when Izzy scares one of the construction workers with her ghostly shenanigans, its Rufus Sinclair that has to come out to Atlantic City and cool down the spooked workers and to keep the events out of the press.

Rufus hates dealing with the ghostly Van Buren family, and had hoped to never have to return to the mansion. However, when he arrives at the crumbling house, Bookman informs him that he will need to deal with Izzy seeing as she has a crush on Rufus. That and several trunks were found (thanks to the construction workers accidentally destroying a wall) that she won't let him see all the contents of. In the trunk was a picture of a man that looked a lot like Rufus, standing with pilot and friend of Izzy, Grace LaRue. Certain that the picture might be a key to helping Izzy cross over, Bookman convinces Rufus to try and talk to her, and gets Rufus blown out the tower window because of Izzy's ghostly pain.

Waking up in the bushes Rufus comes face to car grill of a living, very not-a-ghost Izzy of 1923 and Grace LaRue. For Rufus, stuck in the roaring twenties with speakeasies and the sexual liberation should have been fabulous. However, he suddenly finds himself physically attracted to good girl Grace, with a love sick Izzy always on his heals. Refusing to believe he is the drifter in Bookmans' photo, Rufus tries to stay "low" and not change history. But how can he figure out what is preventing Izzy from crossing over when he desperately wants to stay in 1923 and be a part of Graces life?

CB Scott has written another fantastic novel! I loved Rufus as a character in the first novel so am overjoyed he has his own story. Through Rufus, we get to experience a police raid on the speakeasy the siblings James and Izzy took too as well as the adrenaline rush of wing walking. Rufus is a man that lives to help others and therefore doesn't have his own goals. He is afraid of relationships that have any stability and while enjoys flying it's more a means to an end rather than done for pleasure.

When he meets no nonsense Grace who doesn't need a man in her life, except as a business partner...she makes him think about things he would rather not. Raised by her grandfather, Grace has followed her dreams. She's a daredevil stunt pilot that has been wronged by her previous partner. While she knows she doesn't want to marry her childhood friend Mick, she can't figure out the attraction she feels for Rufus ignited by a kiss.

Izzy is a lonely self-centered woman who hides behind her parting happy fašade. While she is desperately trying to get Grace to marry Mick, it now serves a dual purpose. She wants her friend to have the happiness of marriage, and now more so she can have Rufus all to herself. At the same time, she is trying to avoid old fuddy-duddy Roy, whom her family would like to see her marry.

While I generally shy away from love triangles, this one isn't what I expected. Izzy is ga-ga over Rufus, Rufus is confused about his instant attraction of Grace and Grace is in denial of her attraction to Rufus, so the situations were funny and no one was clueless about what was going on (except through denial). KINDRED SPIRITS is an incredible story involving reincarnation, time travel and falling in love. CB Scott writes so well that I couldn't put the book down. One minute I was laughing, then biting my nails, and then holding my breath as tears streamed down my face. The ending of this book was perfect, although, I really wouldn't have minded if the story was longer...

Two thumbs up, and I highly recommend this book. I can hardly wait to see what they write next!

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted April 19, 2004


Blown back to 1923 to help a wayward flapper find redemption. playboy Rufus Sinclair challenges destiny when he falls for the flapper's best friend, Grace La Rue, a daredevil tomboy raised not to need a man. Kindred Spirits is a high-flying adventure testing the boundaries of friendship and love.


Kindred Spirits
(sequel to Scandalous Spirits)
by C. B. Scott

Imajinn Books
December 1, 2003
Available: December 1, 2003
ISBN #189389634X
EAN #9781893896345
224 pages
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