"Serena is an incredible heroine with so many wonderful hidden secrets..."

For several generations the people of Volarn have had a decrease birth rate, with many of the women proving to be sterile. The solution for Rhamus, one of the King's of Volarn, was not an easy one. Hiring flesh merchants he requests that they find women who would hopefully be able to go through a Tarthra choosing and therefore be eligible mates.

Like all of the women kidnapped from Earth six foot two wrestler Serena couldn't believe she was to become a baby factory for some alien world. Firmly believing that knowledge is power, she tried to learn as much as possible about the people buying her. When finally faced with King Rhamus, she is amazed that under different circumstances, he would be the man of her dreams! So after discovering she was getting married, rather than to just be an unwilling bed mate, how can she know her feelings are her own, when Rhamus openly admits that the Tarthra is to create a love match between man and woman?

Myra Nour has created a very interesting book and I was sucked in with the idea for LOVE'S CAPTIVE. However, everything was too perfect! Serena is tall and beautiful, the men of Volarn are tall, well muscled and gorgeous; the story moved slowly for me. The numerous well written and passionate love scenes would have been perfect, except I still have a hard time dealing with some of the coarser language used in them. But the steam is still there!

While Serena has her own fears and issues that she is dealing with to adjust to her new life, Rhamus is constantly out on patrols to insure the safety of his people. A lot of time passes with Serena experiencing situations, including a frightening situation with her sister-in-law, Kasha who is out to intimidate her. But mostly as a reader, we just know things happen, just not the details. For example, she is getting to know the people and a funny story is told about Jarvic, Rhamus's cousin. We know the story is funny, just not what it entailed.

All of this was well worth reading as we learn about Volarn's culture and then the unthinkable happens; Serena is kidnapped by the enemy! What the enemy puts Serena though is horrific and I really admire authors that are able to create absolutely well written scenes rather than taking an easy out. Also, the events leading to Serena's recovery were well thought out, and I think very original. Ms Nour has created a situation where Serena has to discover that the emotions she has held locked deep with-in herself about her husband and even her past effect her present and future.

LOVE'S CAPTIVE has thoroughly engaging secondary characters with Kasha and Jarvic and I'm really excited to know that they have their own stories. Even though I had a problem with the story, I have to recommend this book. Serena is an incredible heroine with so many wonderful hidden secrets, that she will never stop amazing you!

NOTE: LOVE'S CAPTIVE has been reissued, and I haven't read the first version which was issued in May 2001.

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted April 19, 2004


When Serena awakes, after a close and unpleasant encounter with some sort of stun gun, she very quickly learns that resistance is futile and escape only a yearned for dream. She, and the other Earth women Serena meets aboard ship with her, have been captured by the Moyds, interstellar merchants ....their mission, to procure fertile wives for the men of Volarn, where their race is endangered due to the wide-spread sterility of their own women. Learning this is at least some relief to the captured women, but Serena is disgusted to realize that they are nothing in these men's eyes but baby makers. Regardless, she knows she has no choice but to face the fate that awaits her with as much dignity as she can muster.

Once they arrive on Volarn, Serena learns that her assessment has not been entirely accurate. Using their power crystals in the Tarthra Ritual, the warriors approach the women with their crystals to find the mate most suited to them....a woman to love who can love them. Serena is chosen to become King Rhamus' queen, but, just as she feels herself weakening to Rhamus' romantic, passionate nature, Rhamus' enemy, Xarath, abducts her.


Love's Captive
by Myra Nour

New Concepts Publishing
March 1, 2004
ISBN #1586083937
EAN #9781586083939
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