"THE TALISMAN was a great read..."

Jaime Campbell goes into a shop called The Broom Closet looking for a lucky charm. Although Jaime doesn't believe in magic, she decides that a lucky charm couldn't hurt. It seems Jaime has been having terrible luck recently, and her friend, Maigret, recommended The Broom Closet as a place to find her charm.

The Broom Closet is dark and dusty and manned by a very old man with piercing green eyes. Jaime feels a connection to the man, that scares her and she runs out of the shop. As soon as she leaves, Chad Penwarren, Maigret's brother, allows the illusion that he had created to disappear. The shop becomes well-lit and clean and he becomes a young, handsome man. He had created the illusion to discourage customers, while he read. Chad realizes that Jaime is his soulmate. However, convincing Jaime of that fact and protecting her from a jealous witch will take all his energy.

THE TALISMAN is a fun, fantasy romance with great characters. Chad makes a great hero, especially when I imagined him looking like the yummy cover. Chad protects Jaime and allows her the time she needs to adjust to their relationship. Jaime is leery of Chad, because she has been hurt many times before, but she can feel the "magic" of their love. All in all, THE TALISMAN was a great read; I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted April 19, 2004


Jaime doesn't believe in magic or luck, but after a run of very bad luck, she takes a friend's advice and seeks a good luck charm at a magic store. Chad is a modern witch, a Wiccan from an ancient family of witches. Natural magic is his life's blood. In a classic tale of opposites attracting, Jaime and Chad find they have something in common after all - the talisman of which they are both a part.


The Talisman
by Karin Huxman

New Concepts Publishing
April 1, 2003
ISBN #1586083783
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