"From here on in, there is no turning back..."

Aidan Storm is a hot sexy bad boy who loves women, and has no intentions on settling down with one any time soon, if ever. He has natural magical powers, specifically that involve controlling the weather, which he has learned to accept, and sometimes use to woo a woman. But he refuses to fall into the concept of "destiny" and "soul mates" that his mother and other siblings abide by, and refuses to believe that there is one woman out there just for him. This is until Melissa Cross comes into the picture.

Aidan and his siblings run their family's hotel, The Rising Storm, and are in the midst of adding a casino and expanding to take advantage of growing New Orleans tourism.

Enter Melissa Cross (or "Frosty Cross" to her colleagues back in Boston), the all-business Director of Marketing for the Chesapeake Casino organization who comes to the Big Easy for a month to go over The Rising Storm's expansion and marketing plans with Aidan. Her ice princess demeanor soon and too easily melts in the sultry heat of New Orleans, and beneath the magical attentions of her more- than-sultry marketing partner Aidan.

When Aidan meets Melissa he feels an instant attraction as he has never felt before, one that frightens the heck out of him, and one he has no intentions of ignoring despite his fear and all his older brother Logan's warnings to not let his libido get in the way of business.

Melissa, more like Logan than Aidan where business is concerned, fights her attraction to Aidan tooth and nail. She's been burned before by a colleague who wanted to mix business with pleasure and does not intend to fall into the same trap again. All of her resolve goes by the wayside however during a family dinner at the Storm house when she meets Aidan's parents and siblings and is warmly and instantly accepted into the fold. An only child born of two uncommunicative and cold parents, and unused to a vibrant and close family vibe, Melissa is overwhelmed by the reception; this and a little too much to drink at dinner lowers her shields and allows for a very erotic seduction scene on a park picnic bench with Aidan. From here on in, there is no turning back.

Aidan and Melissa is an engaging couple with palpable sizzling chemistry. Their conflicts, both external and internal, are realistic and heart-felt. This, the snappy dialogue, and the appealing and colorful secondary characters, all lend themselves to an emotional, sexy and fast-paced story. The paranormal elements and familial connection are skillfully sprinkled in and nicely balances the erotica and romantic elements to make this a fun and enjoyable read.

Since there are four seasons in a year, and two more sisters and a brother, I'm assuming (hoping) that the "1" in the title means we will be hearing more from the other Storm siblings (especially looking forward to seeing some woman heat up and break through big brother Logan's cool veneer) and that there are more storms on the horizon.

Reviewed for PNR Reviews by

Gracie McKeever, Author

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted April 19, 2004


Aidan Storm is part of a unique New Orleans family whose magical connection with the weather goes back many years. Aidan uses his powers only when it suits his purposes. Wielding the magic of summer heat can be advantageous when heating up the sheets with his girl-du-jour. Until he meets Melissa Cross. She fires him up hotter than a Louisiana heat wave and if he doesn't watch his heart he might suffer a meltdown.

Melissa Cross is a staid Bostonian feeling like a fish out of water working alongside Aidan Storm and his peculiar family. When strange things start happening whenever she's with Aidan, she wonders what kind of magic he possesses. After all, it isn't every day it rains in the bedroom! It isn't long before Aidan heats up Melissa's summer and melts her frosty heart.

Line: Twilight (Paranormal)
Series: A Storm for All Seasons
Book Length: Novel
Book Type: eBook

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Summer Heat
(A Storm for All Seasons: Book I)
by Jaci Burton

Ellora's Cave (Twilight)
January 1, 2004
Available: January 28, 2004
ISBN #1843607794
EAN #9781843607793
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