"The exciting story line never slows down especially when the quest begins."

The explosion shattered the Bedrock; everyone considered it destroyed until it transmits a telepathic message to Adept Diana to send for a healer. Everyone agrees that something must be done to restore the balance by saving the key source of magick and protection for this stronghold.

The selection of who will perform the task seems odd. Failed Healer Sulis believes she is too inept to do the job needed to help the injured Bedrock. She will be accompanied by Mage Llyr, selected because he knows first hand the Bedrock; he has his own demons of remorse as his soulmate died in the explosion that he survived.

The unlikely duo begins their trek, but enemies want to finish the destruction of the Bedrock in order to bring chaos to the land and will try to kill the healer and the mage to accomplish their agenda. Unless this pair can bond, they will fail. As they struggle to survive, bonding forms when love flows between these two walking wounded souls if both take a chance on the other.

The "Magick" romantic fantasy series is some of the best tales on the market today. The current novel, HEALING MAGICK, is a wonderful work that sub-genre readers will enjoy as a stand alone or with its predecessors (see MAGICK and MORE THAN MAGICK). The exciting story line never slows down especially when the quest begins. However, the key to a Mary Taffs' tale is the cast and this one contains terrific protagonists struggling with their previous failures and a delightful secondary group including their superiors and their antagonists; all who make for a fine rounded tale that fantasy and romance readers will cherish.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 22, 2004


Book III of the Magick series: Healer Sulis betrayed her sacred vows and now she longs for a life of penance. Goddess and the Council have other plans, however. Sulis is sent to California Magick to Heal its shattered Bedrock, and Mage Llyr is assigned to help her

Returning to California Magick is Mage Llyr's worst nightmare, and the nightmare is made worse by Sulis's presence. She is everything he lusts after, but he cannot condone her past behavior, nor does he trust her.

Sulis and Llyr are both obedient servants of Goddess, and when She orders them to become bondmates, they comply. They learn to care for one another as they work together to Heal Bedrock.

But the enemies of the Balance are never idle. Sulis and Llyr are soon faced with a pair of unprecedented threats that they must face alone. Are they strong enough, both together and separately, to succeed?


Healing Magick
(Magick series - Book III)
by Mary Taffs

May 1, 2004
ISBN #1587494353
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