"Secondary characters add an interesting story"

Lord Stanhope has died and in his will has left a piece of farm property to Colin Savernake provided he goes to Yorkshire and solves the thefts taking place in Squire William Hobblesby's home. Once this has been completed the property is his.

Colin Savernake, an investigator for the Ton is quite jaded by the titled rich. But this last request made by Lord Stanhope intrigues him and he decides to take the case. Needing a cover story for his arrival he and Squire Hobblesby agree to make him the Squire's secretary.

As Colin goes under cover he has the pleasure of meeting Anthea Fortesque, the Squire's Fiancée, where he is more than twice her age. Obvious this cannot be a love match and the fact that she is also an impoverished earl's daughter, Colin begins to zero in on Anthea. Now as much as I can appreciate the logic of suspecting Anthea because of age difference and finances, it seems to blind Colin for a good portion of the book to all other possibilities.

Now Brody Hobblesby, the Squire's son has retired his commission in the military and returned blind and a hero. Brody, catching onto Collins' charade, volunteers to help with the investigation since the true criminal wouldn't perceive him as a threat because he's blind.

I really enjoyed the secondary characters Brody and Violet Fortesque, Anthea's younger sister, she is outspoken and trying to write a novel. The dynamics of these two characters really assisted the story by bringing a much needed lightness and humor. As Violet refuses to buy into Brody's self pity, which creates an instant attraction and some wonderful humorous bantering scenes.

However circumstances soon find Anthea, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not only for the crimes that are committed but also for the attraction that starts to blossom with Colin. But Anthea must not succumb to her feelings for Colin, for she sees this marriage to the Squire as her family's only salvation from poverty. And the Squire relishes the idea of 'marrying up' to an earl's daughter regardless if she is poor.

Eventually the stakes become higher as the criminal turns violent. And Colin Savernake realizes he must come to terms with his feelings for Anthea, if he is to solve this case. Lucky for him he has the ears of Brody and the eyes of Violet for without them I do not believe he would stand a chance in solving this case.

Always Yours, is a love story wrapped around a mystery that must be solved. Ms. Anderson's plot is interesting, the setting is easy to visualize, and the secondary characters are completely amusing. Overall I would say this book is a light and easy read.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted April 19, 2004


The news of Lady Anthea Fortesque's betrothal to Squire William Hobblesby is the talk of the town: why would a young woman blessed with both beauty and intelligence promise herself to a pompous old bore? Colin Savernake, a private investigator to the ton, has reasons of his own for finding out why. All of London knows that her father, a most improvident earl, left Anthea penniless after his untimely death. But the lovely lady may be hiding something else. Colin has received a letter promising a rich bequest if he can solve another mystery. Is it possible that Anthea is a master thief?

Anthea is too busy worrying about her mother and four younger sisters to take Colin's accusations seriously. But his presence at Heatherstone Grange is driving Anthea to distraction. His charm is enough to make her blush, and his constant attention is weakening her will. He has even offered to become her confidant...

Can Colin ignore logic and trust his heart?


Yours Always
by Gabriella Anderson

Zebra Books
February 1, 2004
ISBN #0821774468
319 pages
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