"Romance Laced with History and Horror"

1840: Magdelena Montgomery's lover is murdered by group vampyre hunters which included her own father. The pair had been experimenting with the theory that their love could make him mortal once more. The effort had cost him his existance and changed Maggie's life forever.

Present Day: Murder and a trail of blood leads New Orleans Detective Sean Canady right to Maggie's door. The owner of an exclusive boutique, Maggie is an unlikely suspect, but she has a secret.

It doesn't take Maggie long to surmise that her soul and Sean's are intertwined. She believes they have loved in a past life, that Sean is the reincarnation of another Sean Canady. His had been cut short, by one too evil to contemplate. She is strangely drawn to him and he to her.

As prostitutes keep turning up dead, Maggie begins to suspect that it is the work of another vampire. The killer has wreaked havoc throughout history, and his ripperesque style had been infamous at one time.

Knowing that the murderer's M.O. could expose the entire vampire community, Maggie is determined to work with Sean to uncover the killer's identity, and destroy him once and for all. But matters become complicated when the Vampire King arrives to remind Maggie of the code that they all must "live" by. She cannot destroy the killer without consent of the vampire community.

Can Maggie and Sean get it right this time around? Can they destroy their enemy and fulfill their destiny. Can Sean's love return Maggie's morality.

I will be the first to admit to not being a horror fan. I love vampire romances, but if the romance edges too close to the horror genre, it is probably not for me. BENEATH A BLOOD RED MOON is classified as Romantic Suspense which would indicate that a reader such as myself should proceed with caution.

The prologue was a turn off. The brutal murder of Maggie's vampire lover took place while they were making love. You would have thought the shock of the whole thing would have made the Maggie swear off men for life. Yet she readily forgave her father and fell in love with one of the other killers' (Canady) descendants.

I didn't care for the hero, reincarnated or not. The man was a borderline rapist. He forces himself on Maggie after she say's no. Maggie winds up capitulating, making it merely forced seduction, but then she tells him it was a mistake. What does he do? He insults her, in an extremely juvenile and vulgar manner. . Is this acceptable behavior for a police officer or any man for that matter? The Vampire King was too passive for my liking as well.

I also thought there were too many extraneous side characters. I could buy the reincarnation of Sean, but the others didn't add anything to the plot. In fact the whole crew of friends weren't much good for anything other than hostages.

If anything I would have preferred the reincarnation of the murdered lover (hokey though it would have been); he seemed to have been the only decent man in the whole story. Though this particular story is not for me, it is part of a trilogy, and I as I said before I love vampire romance so I am willing to give this author another try. If you enjoy a romance laced with horror BENEATH A BLOOD RED MOON should fit the bill.

October, 1999
Copyright © 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 22, 2001


Maggie Montgomery, the owner of Magdalena's an elegant New Orleans boutique, gasped when she learned about the mysterious beheading of a local street person, and the trail of blood that led from the corpse to her building. Her shock turned to turmoil when she met Sean Canady, the police officer who arrived to question her…and inspired a dangerous desire. Something powerful—and beyond reason—had brought Maggie and Sean together. Something that spoke of an interwoven past, and a passionate torment that began generations before under a blood red moon. For on that night of erotic seduction, Magdalena Montgomery became a vampire, and began a century-long quest to find the one man whose love was pure enough, strong enough to save her from the darkness within...

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Beneath A Blood Red Moon
(Vampires: Book 1)
by Shannon Drake

Kensington Publishing (Zebra)
October 1, 1999
Available: November 10, 2006
ISBN #0821762982
EAN #9780821762981
352 pages
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