"An Author I truly hope to read more of!"

Introduced to a future where earth is no longer home and our race reaches out to space and it's many planets and moons to create a new future. Ms. Gray leans upon the concept of the Scottish clans of old. We learn that this has become once again then new way of hierarchy and culture as Clan leaders strike out to survive.

But as there was in the days of old and of this possible future, something so simple as love and jealousy can be enough to fuel the fires of war. But long before the complexities of war take over the Clan Douglas and Clan Kinsale form a secret betrothal between their children. A betrothal that is nearly lost and forgotten as war takes over.

Ms. Gray knows how to weave and tie the knots in this story to make you accelerate through each word to find out what happens as she places each unknown betrothed on opposing sides of the war. But as fate moves forward and Ms. Gray begins to unravel her work we find that ultimately Kimberly Kinsale and Lachlan Douglas both want the same thing... peace. It is this common goal that unites them in a fragile relationship and tests them as love and attraction complicate their every move.

I was so thoroughly impressed and fascinated with the level of detail and creativity in this book. There was no issue on visualizing Ms. Gray's amazing worlds and incredible technological concepts.

And of course no book is complete without an enemy you truly despise and yet can't help but feel almost sorry for... almost! Rama's actions are so sneaky, sleazy, and despicable that I found myself squirming in my chair when ever he'd pop up in the story.

And the secondary characters that framed the hero and heroine were wonderful and never detracted from the focus of Kimberly and Lachlan but rather enhanced the story around them.

R. Garland Gray writes an astounding romance that is action packed and creatively driven. I found my emotions were well played with each page I read in this phenomenal novel. This was a sci-fi like no other and I 110% recommend this out of the world e-book!

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted April 7, 2004


Across darkness and space there is only the enemy.
Lord Lachlan de Douglas, a noble warrior lord, is heir to a Clan of Ancient Earth. Bold, rebellious, possessing strength and passion, he defends his clan from annihilation against a wretched war of masked vengeance and treacherous shadows. Until one day, a sudden horror alters his being, condemning him to a world of private anguish and torment.

Kimberly Kinsale, a diplomat's daughter, is a rare beauty motivated by honesty and integrity. Serving as a lieutenant in an elite combat fighter group aboard a war ship, she governs her life by the intrigue and lies of her commanding officer. A moment of lunacy and folly, a secret revealed, and Kimberly stumbles upon an unspeakable deception.

Now she must decide. Maintain her loyalty, or betray her clan and ship for a Douglas enemy lord who can prove the truth - never knowing the battle for justice would take her through Lachlan's nightmare, a rage so deep, a suffering grounded in shame and pride, even when peace shone in sight. For theirs is an unexpected passion, born in the fires of a shared need and desperate struggle. And as time slowly runs out - even an exquisite love may not be enough for salvation. To save Lachlan, Kimberly will fight the sinister legacy of the matrix robots and trust the handsome enemy lord with her life, her heart and her very soul.


The Rebel Lord
(Darkscape: Book 1)
by R. Garland Gray

April 1, 2004
Available: November 10, 2006
ISBN #1553160134
EAN #9781553160137
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