"One of the brightest voices in Sci-Fi Romance"

C. J Barry is without doubt, one of the brightest voice in Sci-Fi Romance today. In UNLEASHED, Lacey Garrett is making a stand. After all, when your so-called fiance ran off with her business & her life savings and leaves her with a tube of toothpaste all squished out....well, actually his cat, Oliver...a girl has to get her priorities straight. First, rebuild her career, Two, stay in control of her destiny, and fight to the death anyone who tries to take that away from her, And three, when in doubt play it safe.

Of course, Lady Fate has a sense of humour and just adores having a wee giggle on Lacey, for not more than 5 minutes after making those firm New Year's Resolutions, she finds herself aboard a spaceship - beam me up, Scotty style - worse, on another planet! And while the Capt. Video is tall, muscular and quite a gal's dream, Lacey is determined he won't push her...and Oliver...around! Enough is Enough! Lacey at first believes Capt. Marvel is stuff dreams are made of, literally, but once she dashes outside the spaceship, and she finds she is not in, Virginia any more, and she and Toto...hum, Oliver...are not going to be a happy campers. That will teach her to answer strange emails!

Zain Masters is just "borrowing", and her cat get some answers. He was shot down on a strange planet that is supposedly uninhabited, but those laser cannons did not get there by accident! He saw a strange configuration of designs inside the one domed buildings on the forbidding planet and sent out a desperate call for help. It was answered by Lacey, and she seemed to have insight to the riddle, so he was just "borrowing" her to pick her brain. But a malfunction plops Lacey and Oliver down on his teeny space ship, and they have 5 days to solve the riddle and get out of "Dodge".

Lacey is not thrilled, though Oliver takes things in stride, that they are on a distant planet harassed by a Godzilla-like creature - that just happens to bear a strong resemblance to her ex-fiance, Bob. But once she gets a handle on things, she is thrilled actually to be a real part of a team instead of being used and dismiss. She could actually help Zain, if only he would let her.

Once again, C.J. Barry brings her brilliantly funny wit to an outer-space, Indiana-Jones adventure. It's a riot of fun, with Lacey and Zain more than heating up things along the way. Barry's third novel announces she is here to stay and one of the brightest voices in Sci-Fi Romance today!

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted May 18, 2004


It's New Year's Eve on a planet called Earth, and all computer programmer Lacey Garrett wants is to design her software in peace. It's just another day in interstellar space, and all fugitive Zain Masters wants is to map the stars in peace.

Unfortunately, they are about to become the only thing standing between a ruthless villain and mass pandemonium on a galactic level. Can two outsiders learn to trust each other before the most powerful force in the galaxy is Unleashed?


(Unforgettable series: Book 3)
by C. J. Barry

Leisure Books
May 1, 2004
ISBN #0505525739
EAN #9780505525734
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