"A sci-fi romance that you won't want to miss"

'Angel' is a smuggler/ship captain who is hiding so not using her real name/rank. As she races to return to her ship during a raid, she ends up with a dead pilot on top of her as she watches her ship blow up. Since the pilot is dead and her ship is gone, she decides to take his ship and run.

Colonel Nicoli Romanof (hunk plus brains) is on a life- threatening mission. He allowed his life essence to be temporarily removed and allowed the 'Harvesters' to collect his body. Now he is tracking his body through the universe to find their home planet. When his ship's captain is killed, he finds his ship 'claimed' by another. It seems he has just recruited a pilot whether he likes it or not. (and he doesn't like it when he finds his pilot is a woman)

There is plenty of danger and adventure, but also a strong love plot. Grin - I just loved when Angel first sees Nicoli's body during auction on the Harvester's home planet. The growing love between a male spirit temporarily in his ship's computer and female pilot suddenly takes on a physical aspect that adds spice to the adventure. This is a sci-fi romance that you won't want to miss.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted April 2, 2004


Galactic smuggler Angel Torrence resents Colonel Nicoli Romanof from the first order he barks at her. His disembodied voice instructs her to set a course for the most perilous planet in the solar system. On the riskiest mission of his career, Nicoli allowed his life essence and his physical form to be separated. Now he needs the cocky pilot who's stolen his vessel to help him retrieve his person and destroy the deadly race of aliens. Angel will move heaven and earth to prove she is up to the task. But she never expects the colonel's physique to be so magnificent—or his heart to be so courageous. And when passion flares between them, she knows they've found love.


Too Close to the Sun
by Robin T. Popp

Love Spell
July 1, 2003
Available: July 1, 2003
ISBN #050552547X
EAN #9780505525475
320 pages
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