"Wild fun science fiction romance"

In Virginia, a distraught Lacey Garrett knows she must start over since her former fiancÚ stole her business and her savings, and left behind a cat Oliver and nothing else. She vows on New Year's Eve to never allow anyone especially a male to interfere with her life.

However, five minutes after her resolutions to play it safe and ignore men, Lacey and Oliver find themselves on board a spaceship because she as Cyber Queen responded to an email from someone named Zainman asking for help. Captain Zain Masters demands Lacey and Oliver provide him with answers to how he was shot down by laser cannons on an allegedly uninhabited planet. Now they have five days to resolve what is going on or else while creatures out of a 1950s B movie harass them on some strange planet in which Oliver adapts faster than Lacey perhaps because of the Zain distraction factor. Still she begins offering real solutions in between Zain's delightful kisses.!

In her latest "Un...ed" tale (see UNEARTHED and UNRAVELED), C.J. Barry provides readers with a wild fun science fiction romance that will make true believers out of those who nay say ET. The exhilarating story line moves forward faster than the speed of light as the action never slows down from the moment that Zain's equipment malfunctions until the final climax. The star-crossed in love lead pair is a wonderful coupling while the support crew from Oliver to the enemy make this a fabulous journey into space as only C.J. (cerebrally jocular) Barry can escort readers.

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 2, 2004


It's New Year's Eve on a planet called Earth, and all computer programmer Lacey Garrett wants is to design her software in peace. It's just another day in interstellar space, and all fugitive Zain Masters wants is to map the stars in peace.

Unfortunately, they are about to become the only thing standing between a ruthless villain and mass pandemonium on a galactic level. Can two outsiders learn to trust each other before the most powerful force in the galaxy is Unleashed?


(Unforgettable series: Book 3)
by C. J. Barry

Leisure Books
May 1, 2004
ISBN #0505525739
EAN #9780505525734
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