"love the Shapeshifters concept in this book"

Kathleen is on a mission to South America's rain forest to find a future site for oil. Determined to prove her worth to her father she asks to spearhead the mission. In the middle of the forest far away from civilization and only a few local men hired on to assist her, Kathleen's journey begins. She comes to find out there is a legend of a Jaguar man that protects the area she now searches to exploit. The locals who are there to assist her soon abandon her when the Jaguar Man leaves his warning of a skull on a post...

Kathleen wakens to find she has been abandoned and water rising rapidly in her tent. Trying to save herself and hoping the men left her a boat to escape the rising waters, Kathleen ventures toward the already covered embankment. This becomes a losing battle and ultimately the Jaguar Man saves her and takes her to his cave where she must stay until the rains stop and the water levels drop. Feeling like a caged animal the sparring begins between Kathleen and the Jaguar Man, known as Guierriro.

Guierriro was once a 'civilized' man of the world five years ago, but all that changed. He now accepts his fate and his responsibility to the tribe he protects in the rainforest. And with this responsibility, he knows no matter how much he wants Kathleen he must above all save the tribe from her oil research. But this is becoming a contest of wills as the attraction soars from the get go of their encounter. Kathleen a woman of science doesn't buy in to the Jaguar Man "myth", just as Guierriro doesn't approve of her mission to find oil in the area. As time progresses the stressors increase, as does the attraction. An attraction Guierriro must not succumb to.

I truly love the concept of this book. Shapeshifters are fascinating but I was getting a bit tired of the repetitive nature of Kathleen and her denial of whom Guierriro might be. Not to mention her character and Guierriro burned either hot or cold without any warning at times. And after awhile the book was falling into a pattern as with the end of almost each chapter or section she was always falling asleep for one reason or another. I know that sound strange but after reading it several time, it started to pull me away from the originality of this story.

'Hold onto the Night' is an excellent concept with a plot that does keep moving; I just think some of the transitions could have been more fluid. Would I recommend this? Yes, because overall her concept is fascinating if not a bit turbulent. And although I was jolted at times from the book, I still wanted to find out what was going to happen next.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted April 2, 2004


Dr. Kathleen Dawson is a geologist heading an advance team for a large oil company. She is investigating rumors of a large oil deposit in the rain forest of the interior of Costa Sierra in Central America. Being independent, she's feisty and demanding of herself. She has worked hard to get where she is in her profession. Her world revolves around her job.

In the jungle at dusk she is stalked. She awakens from a dart-induced sleep in a fog, unsure of where she is except that she is in a cave. A man stirs in the shadows and moves forward. Through the haze she meets the man the Indians of the jungle refer to as the Jaguar Man. The legend says he's a man at night, a jaguar during the day. He rules the jungle, protecting his domain against the outside world.


Hold Onto The Night
by Shauna Michaels

Imajinn Books
July 1, 2000
Available: November 8, 2006
ISBN #1893896110
EAN #9781893896116
192 pages
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