"This was an excellent novel of magic and adventure..."

In another time and another place, men are called upon to sacrifice their lives to feed huge blocks of stone, giving their spirits to keep the land alive. One of these men is Nathan who is forced into this role through threats against his family. The child he would have married when she was grown rescues him from completely forgetting his past, allowing him to step into the stone as "the One". Someday there will be a woman called a shroud, born with caul over part of her face who will hold the key to wakening these sleeping warriors when the need is great.

Many generations later Bree is shroud born. Another man wants her, but it is the stones she turns to for protection. Too many of her people have died through plague and the worship of the stones is dying now. Outsiders have combined with a new force in the land that promises to make the land fertile again when all the stones have been destroyed. But it is the stones that give the land its strength and when the last one is down, the goddess Hertha will die and her evil brother Blight will rule the land of Skye and it will be winter forever. It is up to Bree, Nathan, and a host of others to fulfill the promise of the stones and save Skye for future generations.

A mixture of ancient legends, including those of the faery, Stonehenge, and others, WITHIN THE SHADOW OF STONE is a thoughtful and well-written piece of fantasy literature. It combines so many ideas together that it occasionally becomes a bit overwhelming, but there is a lot of adventure laced with humor to make up for that. The characters, particularly Bree, Nathan, and an otherworldly creature named Rowen are well developed and there are many minor characters to add flavor to the story. This was an excellent novel of magic and adventure with a budding love story to hold it together.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted April 1, 2004


Within the Shadow of Stone
by Sheri L. McGathy

Double Dragon
January 1, 2004
ISBN #1554040957
261 pages
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