"A space adventure you don't want to miss..."

Convicted of murder and treason on the planet Andor five years prior, Bryce Saxon "the Hawk" is a wanted criminal who escaped death only because a superior officer aided him. For the past five years, he has been paying the debt off. Hopefully, the assignment that takes him from deep in space to the underwater research facility of SEA Lab on the planet Neptus will be the last.

Here Hawk is set to unravel the mysterious disappearance of valuable coins and highly sensitive research papers. Because of her work with the Delphins Researcher Kylie Beryl believes they might hold a key to finding a cure for the Genesis Disorder that is destroying the lives of her people on Estra and save the lives of her parents. When she is sent to the SEA Lab to help the researchers there, she is also trying to find out who would steal the research that would save her people. When situations constantly put Hawk and Kylie is clo! se proximities, the irritation the pair feels dissipates as stronger emotions take over. But with time running out to catch a villain, a price on his head and a serious illness threatening her life, how can the new lovers have a lasting relationship?

HAWK'S REDEMPTION was a fantastic "page-turner" that will take you through the galaxy. While Hawk doesn't want a relationship because he was accused of murdering a woman and fears he might hurt Kylie, Kylie herself is forbidden from taking a lifemate and having children because of genetic mutations that would be passed down. While each character is well developed and has a lot of will power, I was amazed that they didn't give into their attraction for each other sooner. While I think the sexual tension between the characters was very strong and the intimate moments were very well written, I could have done with half the actual sexual encounters between Hawk and Kylie (so don't read this book by yourself!)

Jester, Hawks best friend is a genius that acts like a fool to hide his intelligence. He is a riot! I don't think you could ask for a better secondary character. The delphins, (a hybrid of dolphins from Earth) are fascinating creatures that Kylie can communicate with through telepathic pictures. They themselves are fascinating, and I really enjoyed reading about them. The Genesis Disorder that everyone is trying to find a cure for sounds awful, kind of like a cross between the human version of mad cow disease and AIDS. The fact that someone would try and either sabotage the finding of its cure or try to steal it in order to sell to the highest bidder was a very strong plot throughout the story that had many smaller problems occur. I think the concept of the story was very realistic because Ms Garnsey paid attention to small details and gave our couple hurdles rather than making the plot cut and dry.

There are numerous word errors throughout the story that can get distracting, but HAWK'S REDEMPTION was wonderful, not a space adventure you would want to miss! I would highly recommend it!

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted April 1, 2004


Convicted of treason and murder, "The Hawk", once a celebrated Elite Operative for Andor, is now a fugitive. He escapes a death sentence, only to find himself still paying the price five annual-cycles later. Forced to complete one last mission for the man who engineered his escape, Hawk becomes Chief of Security on SEA Lab. He arrives at the underwater research facility determined to clear his name and find true freedom. Little does he know he will unlock the secrets of his past and find the one woman who can save his soul and mend his heart.

Determined to find the cure to Genesis Disorder and save her parents' lives, Researcher and Delphin trainer, Kylie Beryl crashes into the Agor Sea, waking to the sight of Brice Saxon, SEA Lab's Chief of Security, and the most devastatingly handsome man she has ever seen. Forbidden to life-mate because of her inherited DNA, Kylie finds her attraction to Bryce most distracting. Bryce's dark side frightens her, yet the Delphins trust him, and the graceful mammals are never wrong. As plots of intrigue and betrayal unravel, Kylie learns Bryce Saxon is "The Hawk", the most wanted fugitive in the galaxy, yet his sensual kisses and strong arms show her a lasting love she never dreamed possible.


Hawk's Redemption
by Kathleen Garnsey

New Concepts Publishing
March 1, 2004
ISBN #1586083961
EAN #9781586083960
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