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Andor is a planet known for its great military might and Bryce "Hawk" Saxon is one of its best officers. He was found covered in blood next to a woman who had his knife in her chest. Upon awakening, he was immediately arrested by the Andoran military but Redmon, Hawk's superior, helps him escape but asks him to do 'favors' in return. Hawk is now a fugitive and becomes a space pirate who is notorious throughout the known worlds.

Redmon sends Hawk to pose as the chief security officer of SEA Lab on the planet Neptus. SEA lab is a tri-planet project with each planet seeking something different. Estra seeks a cure for the Genesis Disorder, a disease which makes those infected loose their mental capabilities. Spectra seeks lost religious artifacts and Andor seeks a new source of food. Someone on SEA Lab is stealing research and artifacts and Hawk is to uncover the culprit.

Meanwhile on Estra, the Genesis Disorder is threatening the entire planet and the Delphin researcher who was supposed to go to SEA Lab has contracted the disorder. Kylie Berle, whose parents were recently diagnosed with the disorder, is sent as a replacement. She is assigned as a spy to uncover the thief as well as a researcher. As the daughter of scientists, Kylie is used to being an outcast in society. Because the scientists of Estra have experimented on themselves, their children are usually abnormal and fortunately, Kylie's only abnormality seems to be psychic power, which she uses to communicate with the Delphin. Delphins are a breed of sea creature, that resulted when dolphins from earth were bred with a sea creature native to Neptus.

When Hawk and Kylie meet, there is an immediate attraction between them but both fight it because they think that they are outcasts and unable to have a long-term relationship. Will Hawk and Kylie be able to keep the cure for the Genesis disorder away from the thief and overcome the many obstacles in their path to being together?

HAWK'S REDEMPTION was an enjoyable science fiction romance with great action and adventure and interesting worlds and creatures. Hawk and Kylie's adventure takes them to other worlds where they are forced to overcome great hardships. I really enjoy space adventures and HAWK'S REDEMPTION was a great thrill ride. Even though Ms. Garnsey took Hawk and Kylie on many adventures, she showed their inner struggles and emotions and I enjoyed watching their relationship grow and mature. I only have one small quibble with Kylie's character; toward the end of the book she jumped to conclusions about Hawk and didn't allow him to explain. However, she soon saw the error of her ways and gave him the benefit of the doubt, Overall HAWK'S REDEMPTION was a great science fiction romance, and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Garnsey's books.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted April 1, 2004


Convicted of treason and murder, "The Hawk", once a celebrated Elite Operative for Andor, is now a fugitive. He escapes a death sentence, only to find himself still paying the price five annual-cycles later. Forced to complete one last mission for the man who engineered his escape, Hawk becomes Chief of Security on SEA Lab. He arrives at the underwater research facility determined to clear his name and find true freedom. Little does he know he will unlock the secrets of his past and find the one woman who can save his soul and mend his heart.

Determined to find the cure to Genesis Disorder and save her parents' lives, Researcher and Delphin trainer, Kylie Beryl crashes into the Agor Sea, waking to the sight of Brice Saxon, SEA Lab's Chief of Security, and the most devastatingly handsome man she has ever seen. Forbidden to life-mate because of her inherited DNA, Kylie finds her attraction to Bryce most distracting. Bryce's dark side frightens her, yet the Delphins trust him, and the graceful mammals are never wrong. As plots of intrigue and betrayal unravel, Kylie learns Bryce Saxon is "The Hawk", the most wanted fugitive in the galaxy, yet his sensual kisses and strong arms show her a lasting love she never dreamed possible.


Hawk's Redemption
by Kathleen Garnsey

New Concepts Publishing
March 1, 2004
ISBN #1586083961
EAN #9781586083960
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