"A fun historical read with a very colorful characters..."

Miss Georgiana Halliday is a young woman of moderate means who is firmly on the shelf, meaning no longer looking for marriage, but that doesn't bother her. She has her small home in Brighton, a cousin Agatha who loves to run a household, an elderly butler named Tipple, and Janie a maid- of-all-work. Oh, and a dog, Lump, which is short for Galumphus, who is large, ill-behaved, and possessing long hair that looks like it might have been dumped into a variety of paint-pots. She is lamenting over a letter she's received from an old friend, Marigold, when she runs into Lord Garth Warwick during an early morning stroll on the beach. While she's always been secretly fond of her now missing cousin's husband, she finds it very agreeable when out of the blue Garth kisses her, saying he's always wanted to know if he would enjoy that. He did, she did...only Lump was bored by it.

By now you should have figured out that this is a very funny book about many, many characters, all of who have their own say at one time or another, including the dog. In addition to the household staff, there is Andrew, Georgie's brother, who is back from the Napoleon wars and suffering from the horrors he can't help remembering. He meets Sarah- Louise a very young woman who he affectionately describes as an amiable giraffe because she is both freckled and very tall. She's being courted by a fortune hunter, who quotes other people's poetry and needs her father's money to pay his tailoring bills.

The biggest problem in Georgie's life is Marigold, a former member of the upper crust who was cut off after running away with a man named Leo who subsequently disappeared. After a stint as an actress, she married an older man who died leaving her penniless. She's now hiding in Georgie's home, on the run from his son, Carlisle who has come home from India to find that she'd left with an family emerald which she no longer has. The twists and turns of this book are everywhere, but suffice it to say that by the end everyone's happy, even the dog, Lump.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted April 1, 2004


Cupid's Dart
by Maggie MacKeever

September 1, 2003
ISBN #0821775642
256 pages
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