"PERN Dragon Series - new type of dragon"

For coal miner's safety, the members of camp NATALON rely on the nocturnal watch-whers, a genetic variation of dragons whose history has been lost. A cave-in wipes out Kindin's father and brothers as well as his father's watch- wher; so Kindin becomes an apprentice with Harper Zist.

Nuella assists Kindan when he is selected to hatch and train a new watch-wher, a job that forces him to give up his dream of becoming a Harper. Teenaged Kindan, blind Nuella and Master-Harper Zist work together and learn the forgotten secrets of how the nocturnal watch-wher see in the dark and their ability to communicate with dragons. This reveals many new possibilities for the dragon-riders and watch-wher. Another cave-in at Natalon's mine leads to a future that both Kindan and Nuella never expected.

Anne McCaffrey created an intricate world spanning many centuries featuring the bonding of humans and telepathic dragons in her PERN series. Now Anne McCaffrey has joined with her second son, Todd, to write newest episode in the PERN. Todd has 'grown up in PERN'; so readers can be confident that there is no variation in this newest PERN tale. The tone and complexity of the story is sure to delight McCaffrey fans and encourage thoughts of more adventures on the planet PERN.

What more can I say? Mama McCaffrey shared her skills with her son and they continue to give their reader's a fantasy world to remember. Such a legacy is impressive; such skill is appreciated. Thank you Anne and also Todd for continuing to 'share the dream'.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted April 1, 2004



Young Kindan has no expectations other than joining his father in the mines of Camp Natalon, a coal mining settlement struggling to turn a profit far from the great Holds where the presence of dragons and their riders means safety and civilization. Mining is fraught with danger. Fortunately, the camp has a watch-wher, a creature distantly related to dragons and uniquely suited to specialized work in the dark, cold mineshafts. Kindan's father is the watch-wher's handler, and his son sometimes helps him out. But even that important job promises no opportunity outside the mine.

Then disaster strikes. In one terrible instant, Kindan loses his family and the camp loses its watch-wher. Fathers are replaced by sons in the mine--except for Kindan, who is taken in by the camp's new Harper. Grieving, Kindan finds a measure of solace in a burgeoning musical talent . . . and in a new friendship with Nuella, a mysterious girl no one seems to know exists. It is Nuella who assists Kindan when he is selected to hatch and train a new watch-wher, a job that forces him to give up his dream of becoming a Harper; and it is Nuella who helps him give new meaning to his life.

Meanwhile, sparked by the tragedy, long-simmering tensions are dividing the camp. Far below the surface, a group of resentful miners hides a deadly secret. As warring factions threaten to explode, Nuella and Kindan begin to discover unknown talents in the misunderstood watch-wher--talents that could very well save an entire Hold. During their time teaching the watch-wher, the two learn some things themselves: that even a seemingly impossible dream is never completely out of reach . . . and that light can be found even in darkness.


Dragon's Kin
by Anne McCaffrey, Todd McCaffrey

Del Rey
November 1, 2003
ISBN #0345461983
EAN #9780345461988
304 pages
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