"A Second Chance for Love"

When Danny returns home he has no recollection of the life he had before entering into the military. His oldest memory is a white flash, which he has been told is an asteroid hitting the space station he had been on. While Danny knows that something isn't right about his accident, and struggles to discover the truth, he fears that he might not in truth be the man everyone thinks he is. However his reality is almost worse than knowing nothing. His wife Kee cringes when he is near and the man he is supposed to be was a wealthy playboy, and the more he learns of himself, he discovers that 'Danny' isn't someone he wants to be. Kee, is surprised when Danny returns and doesn't publicly denounce her. The even bigger surprise is he tells her he has amnesia and needs her help to regain his memory. The man who returns to her is a man she can love, but can she stay with him knowing the awful past they share that he is trying to recover?

HEART OF THE HERO is a very interesting story that could very realistically be the earth's future. Kee who should have fled before Danny's return has stayed in a doomed marriage built on lies and one night of passion. Danny has no history except that of two men that, for all matters are dead. Who does he want to be isn't the question, but who is he really? I can see why this book would get mixed reviews. I had a love hate relationship with the first half of the book as I had a hard time getting into the story. I felt the first part of the book was redundant going back and forth over the same subject's with our characters not communicating or introducing new information to their situation. This got old. But when Kee decides to help Danny relearn vital parts of his life (the names and faces of friends, family etc) and the couple do interact, sparks start to fly and their doomed marriage has a second chance as they rediscover the love both desire but were afraid to fight for the first round.

While this story doesn't have a happy undertone (how can it, both characters have been miserable their entire marriage) there are plenty of situations that add a humor and lightness to the tale as they rediscover the original attraction between them. I think Kee is well written as a woman in love, but unsure how to proceed since the man she now finds herself married to is so different from the Danny that joined the military. Because she was beaten down on an emotional level, she had a hard time trusting her judgment because she doesn't want to get hurt anymore. Danny on the other hand, is bent on keeping her even though his bigger goal is to find out who he is. I felt he understood her fears that the old Danny could reemerge, but at the same time was at a loss so all he could do was try and be true to himself -- which ended up hurting her in a different way.

All in all, this was a good book, but as I mentioned, hard to get into. Ms. Mallory is a talented author with a creative mind, and I would read another of her stories, so I would recommend HEART OF THE HERO book.

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted March 31, 2004


A horrible accident, a bitter secret, a man in search of the truth and the one woman who can either save or destroy him......

A hero's welcome awaited Danny White when he returned home from space. But the space station accident had cost him more than the numerous operations and months of recuperation he'd had to endure. It had cost him all memories of his past life. he knew nothing of the person he had been or the family he'd left behind. The more Danny learned about the man he had been, the less he wanted to find that man's memories inside himself. But something happened out there in space. Something that cost dozens of people their lives. As much as Danny wants to start over, the specter of those lives hangs over his head. Until he can prove that what happened on the space station wasn't an accident, he will never be free of the fear that he is not the man everyone thinks he is.


Heart of the Hero
by Rickey R. Mallory

Imajinn Books
February 1, 2003
ISBN #1893896331
EAN #9781893896338
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