"A must read for any mythology lover"

I don't think I can ever say enough about this book-it was so fantastic!

Just starting her summer vacation as a school teacher, Shannon Parker goes to an antique show and buys a vase that transports her to another place and time. Shannon quickly finds out that she has traded places with the High Priestess Epona who could be her twin in body but not personality. While the people around her adore Epona, they also fear her for her vicious tempers. Only half recovered from what ever happened to her to transport her to this new place, Shannon finds herself suddenly getting married to a horse and it is all she can do to pretend to fill the missing Priestess' shoes!

It isn't until her usually pleasant dreams become nightmares that she finds out they are actually visions. Shannon finds that maybe she really has the strength of a goddess. With each new vision Shannon and ClanFintan find themselves closer and closer to a battle with a formidable enemy. With the love of her husband, and his people standing with hers they unite the land in a war that will either be their salvation or total annihilation!

Ms Cast has written a very powerful novel. We have reincarnation, centaurs, Muses, magic and a really creepy enemy with the Fomorians. Where much of the book could be dark, our heroine refuses to let it. She has such an upbeat personality that makes it hard not to laugh as Shannon has conversations with herself. She sets out to befriend Epona's "slaves" and later the female centars (loved them!) because every woman needs good friends; which is something the real Epona would never have done. And the people love her for it!

GODDESS BY MISTAKE is written in first person and for most of the book, I didn't even notice. As for our hero, wow! ClanFintan is a centaur that has the ability to transform into a human man. Prior to their marriage, Epona had returned all his gifts and he had found her unwilling to go through with the promised marriage. However, to the woman he married he was a gentleman (gentlecentar?), and showed every courtesy, so much patience and understanding - who was a completely different woman than he totally expected; remember he thought he was marrying Epona.

While Shannon needed his understanding in order to adjust to her new situation, Shannon falls in love with him. The scenes between them are so touching and yet what you would expect from newlyweds with a long span of acquaintance rather than a couple that just met. The war for their survival was so well written; I have scenes of battles from LOTRs running through my head. While the battle is a poignant moment in the story, it is so much more; it's...You will just need to read the book. GODDESS BY MISTAKE was a wonderful story that should appeal to readers of romance, fantasy or mythology. I can't recommend it enough!

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted March 31, 2004


2002 PRISM AWARD Winner:
1st place - FANTASY

A high-spirited fantasy romp, wickedly funny and filled with action.

Shannon Parker, a 35-year-old English teacher, purchases a vase because it depicts a Celtic goddess who looks astonishingly like her. On the drive home, the vase releases a force that flings Shannon into Partholon, an alternate dimension in which everything Shannon knows as mythology -- is reality. She finds she has exchanged places with the High Priestess of Epona who, unfortunately, is an evil not to mention totally oversexed person. In addition to performing Epona's rituals and struggling with her Beauty-and-the-Beast attraction to a handsome centaur, Shannon finds she must combat the Fomorians, a vampiric race of demonic humanoids. As Partholon readies for war, Shannon must use all her resources to survive in this strange new world. Not even ten years of dealing with teenagers in the classroom has prepared her for becoming a goddess by mistake.


Goddess by Mistake
(Goddess Summoning series: Book 1)
by P. C. Cast

HAWK Publishing
August 1, 2005
Available: August 8, 2005
ISBN #1930709323
EAN #9781930709324
359 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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