"Mesmerizing Start to a Powerful New Trilogy"

This book starts off when the author goes on a Caribbean vacation. He gives a humorous account of his arrival and time spent there. Then he gives us his thoughts on his trip to Florida and is quite funny explaining the Barbie phenomenon. How girls can spend hours getting the dolls changed and set up with all their accoutrements (95% preparation and 5% playing time.) He talks about soaps: Daze of Our Lives, Misguiding Lights, While the World Burns with an exaggerated flair. Now I know why drive thrus were invented. It's the only sane way of doing ones errands when you're sick and have to drag a 2 year old along for the ride!

I found this book a bit disjointed to read but as it was supposed to be the author's random thoughts I guess that's understandable. Some of the sections I thought were not funny at all like the one about the Pilgrims and how Thanksgiving started. The one about the disappearing waiter and the Tossed in Space I found incomprehensible. The one about psychics and their hotline and the superficiality in casual conversations I quite enjoyed.

If you're looking for a light humorous read then you would enjoy this book. You can pick it up read a bit and put it down till next time you were in the mood for a quick read with a touch of humor.

Reviewed by Sophie Murphy
Posted March 30, 2004


Fleeting Thoughts
by Michael McGan

1stBooks Library
March 30, 2004
ISBN #0759628424
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