"Science Fiction with Heart!"

RAVEN'S HEART is a near futuristic set in New Albany, Midland Territory 2028

An asteroid bound for collision with Earth had been expected to disintegrate in the atmosphere. Plans had been laid to cope with the global cooling that had been expected as a result of the particulate cloud that would block some of the sun's rays. What happened instead was that the core of the asteroid was a strangle crystal that instead reflected and intensified the sun's radiation, resulting in global warming.

A great flood ensued, covering many inhabited lands in water. Religious zealots proclaimed that the floods were a judgment on mankind for their loose morality. The crystal had one other effect; it had created the Aurics. These once ordinary people developed unusual powers, and were able to see auras. Already fearful many "Normals" had proclaimed the Aurics to be in league with the devil, and shunned them.

In the aftermath the ICP (Inter-Continental Police) had been formed to uphold the laws of the new morality. In response Auric activists formed the Auric Rights League, an underground organization led by Dr. Armistead, devoted to peace and the promotion of Auric rights. His daughter Raven is dedicated to the cause.

In spite of Raven's belief in peaceful resolution, she finds herself about to destroy the ICP's data base in order to prove her worth to her father. The Auric Rights Bill is coming up for vote before the Territorial Congress in just a few weeks. The ICP intended to use the data stored in their computers to round up those with genetic gifts before its approval. If the interrogators could force the Aurics to admit that their powers were demonic, there would be no hope for them, or the bill. In her mind this justified her act, but when she realizes that someone else is in the building and headed for the data base, she risks her own life to save him, shielding him from the blast with her own powers. Their two aura's meld.

Val Tarrant, the young ICP agent she rescues, is an idealist. He does not believe that the Aurics are inherently evil. He feels deep down that he needs the discipline his duty requires. He hopes to protect the innocent, and uphold and enforce the new moral code. He is an innocent himself, and his contact with Raven will change his personal perceptions forever.

Raven escapes before Val finds out who she is, but later sets up a meeting with him in hopes of coming to a peaceful arrangement. True to his duty Val takes her into custody, but before he can turn her in, he discovers corruption at the very head of his department. There are those among Raven's people as well who are willing to betray their own cause. Among them is her father's right-hand-man who wants more than mere equality. He wants Auric rule and isn't above violence. Val's captain hopes an incident will kill the Auric Rights Bill once and for all. When the plot is uncovered that will bring suffering to many innocent people, Val and Raven learn what it means to trust.

Together they form team with a small group of trusted associates from both sides, to foil the plans of their corrupt leaders. In the process Val and Raven fall in love. Either would die to protect the other. In spite of his dedication to duty, Val is unable to resist Raven's innocent beauty, her warm heart, and the passion they feel for each other. Yet he knows that if they survive, it can lead nowhere. Val harbors no prejudice, but his ICP oath forbids him to marry. A violation of his moral vows could result in his execution. How can he love Raven and not offer her commitment? What kind of man would he be if he sacrificed honor and duty for his own selfish pleasure? If he could have them both, would Raven still want to be with him?

RAVEN'S HEART takes a deep look at unreasonable prejudice, both racial and religious, and shows us the way to overcome it through honor, courage, friendship, and love. An awe inspiring tale with some nifty technology.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 16, 2001


Society made them enemies.

Circumstances made them allies.

Destiny made them lovers.

In a future Earth torn apart by prejudice and religious strife, the penalty for violating the law is death. . .or worse. Only the members of the outlawed Auric Rights League dare to confront the restrictive Inter-Continental Police, doing whatever they must in a battle for their survival. Betrayed by both sides, ruthless ICP agent Val Tarrant and devoted League member Raven Armistead are framed for murder and targeted for execution. Reluctant allies, they become fugitives in a world where they must make their own laws. If they are successful, they will create a new world order. But if they fail. . .

This title has been revised and expanded for release with Cerridwen Press - Fugitive Lovers; ISBN #1419903187


Raven's Heart
by Jennifer Dunne

Speculation Press
November 1, 2000
ISBN #0967197961
EAN #9780967197968
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