"A Complex Paranormal Tale of Love and Deceit"

SEVEN RINGS BINDING is set in 1875, New York City

Spurred on by his sister, Nate Blackburn is determined to expose Libby Claiborne as a fraud in order to keep his mother's funds firmly in the hands of their rightful owner. Libby, supposedly has psychic abilities that allow her to commune with the dearly departed, and Nate's widowed mother would be easy prey in his estimation. It seems that Nate has underestimated both his mother and Libby.

In person, Libby has quite a different affect on Nate. She is innocent and lovely, and obviously a pawn of her grasping stepbrother Clayton. Clayton had been the child of her father's first wife and had been excluded from her father's will, in spite of promises made to him. He had long since been aware of Libby's special abilities and by committing both her mother and grandmother to a mental institution he had found a way to force her to earn money for him. Libby despised these sťances and refuses to mislead Nate's mother.

Nate's sister is relentless and Nate teasingly states that perhaps he should marry the girl to keep their money in the family. Famous last words, as his dreams are troubled by the knowledge that Libby is in serious trouble and in need of him. He follows her cal, into the night, to find her drugged, half frozen to death, and desperately trying to make her way to the asylum on foot. She feels that something is desperately wrong.

Arriving at the asylum Nate is appalled by the conditions and attempts to remove Libby's loved ones. He is refused. As long as Clayton is head of the family his orders must stand. Nate offers his hand as the best solution to her dilemma. He promises to look after her family, as well as the orphans she has taken into her keeping. Desperate, Libby accepts. But it is too late for her grandmother.

Love begins to blossom between the two as Libby prepares for her grandmother's funeral. Oddly Libby's grandmother shows none of the physical realities of being in death's grasp. Libby realizes that her grandmother has not died, but is in a coma so deep only magic can save her. Libby has the power, but her fears run deep. Her family has many secrets and Clayton found out any of them, he would hold their lives in his hands once more.

Libby wants nothing to do with the magic, but Nate is enthralled by it. His fascination drives a wedge between them, and if his own secret is revealed it may drive Libby away forever.

Nate and Libby are caught up in a web that had been spun even before they were born. Secrets abound in this gripping tale, many will not be revealed to the final page, but the threads which bind them together are strong and the reader will enjoy their triumph as the story winds down to it's surprise conclusion. SEVEN RINGS binding is a complex tale of deceit, manipulation, courage, and love which will keep the reader spell bound.

Copyright © 2001
Original review: RFI West release - May 1, 2001, ISBN #1586978799

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 15, 2001


2002 PRISM AWARD Finalist:

Nate Blackburn is determined to keep his mother's inheritance in the rightful hands of his mother, even if that means he has to marry the psychic he thinks is bilking her of her fortune. Libby Claiborne grasps at the chance for marriage and the opportunity to save her family from the hell her step-brother Clayton created. Together Nate and Libby discover they have much more in common than they realized -- a love that cannot be denied and a mystical ability that has the power to destroy them both. A power one embraces and the other refuses to accept.

Also in electronic format - ISBN: 159279503X


Seven Rings Binding
by Catherine Snodgrass

Amber Quill Press
April 1, 2006
ISBN #1592797431
EAN #9781592797431
Paperback (reprint)
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