"Paranormal Romantic Thriller - Will Keep the Reader Awake Turning Pages!"

When her romantic fantasy turns terrifying, Robyn Warren wakes up knowing that something is terribly wrong. Just then the phone rings and Robyn is sure it is Cass, the man she loves and dreams of. It is not Cass but his daughter Maddie. She is terrified and her message is full of foreboding before the line is disconnected.

Although she is unaware of it, Robyn and Cassidy Christopher are psychically connected. He shares her erotic fantasies and is an active participant in their dreams from his home in Wisconsin. It is the only way he can have her. Robyn senses that he had been expecting her call. She warns him of Maddie's despair and makes her own plans to join them as soon as she can get a flight out of Californian.

Both Robyn and Cass suspect what has happened, the demon, known as the Sweet Dreams Killer which had tormented and nearly killed Maddie a year ago had escaped from prison. As proof, Cass's blinding headaches had returned, the headaches that signaled that he was about to lose another woman he loved to the demon who could change shape at will to evade recapture.

Cass finds Maddie comatose but alive. Robyn arrives the next morning. Though Robyn deeply loves Cass, and he clearly needs her, he keeps her at arms length for fear that his love will kill her, literally.

The demon had been a creation of hate and jealousy. It's had been contained once and buried beneath an oak tree, but a new generation of rancor had set it free. Its sole purpose was to destroy the property owner by destroying the women that he loved. But its time is finite and soon it must return to a dark slumber to rise again in a quarter century if not contained once more. It's power has weakened with its failure to conquer Maddie. It's last chance for survival is to seduce Robyn into the arms of eternal slumber.

But Robin is strong, as is her love for Cass and for Maddie. Can she fight the sweet seduction of the demon and Cass's deep seated fear of commitment, to find her happily ever after?

SWEET DREAMS will keep the reader awake at night -- turning pages! The evil presence is tangible from the start, but Cass and Maddie have a one of a kind love that is simply meant to be. One can't help pulling for them every step of the way. Recommended for readers who like a paranormal thriller with a deeply satisfying happy ending.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 15, 2001


Someone has unleashed an ancient evil bent on destroying Cassidy Christopher by eradicating the women he loves, one by one. . .

Just one year earlier, Cassidy's daughter, Maddie, was attacked by a creature who can change shape at will; a demon who was unleashed by human hands from its chains beneath The Protector, an ancient oak tree on the Christopher property. Dubbed the "Sweet Dreams Killer", the creature lulls its female victims into a dream state before crushing their bones from the inside out.

During a routine prison transfer, the creature escapes and warns Maddie through their telepathic connection that he's coming for her. In the dead of the night, Maddie calls her best friend, Robyn Warren, and their connection is abruptly severed.

As Robyn hastens to be with the only family she has, little does she realize that ancient forces are at work. The man she loves has a deadly enemy who hates him enough to have unleashed a demon against him, but who? Ca! n she and Cass fight the evil created for the sole purpose of destroying everyone he loves? Can Cass risk loving another woman he could lose?

In the wake of newfound surrender to a love they can no longer fight, Robyn and Cass find they have everything they've ever wanted...except time. Also avalible in e-book.


Sweet Dreams
by Karen Wiesner

Hard Shell Word Factory
May 1, 2003
ISBN #0759938512
EAN #9780759938519
208 pages
Trade Size (reprint)
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