"Exciting , Intriguing Supernatural Romance"

South Carolinian librarian Dixie LePage travels to England to look over her recent inheritance, the Orchard House in Bringham. Dixie hopes the time in England will help her recover form the death of her grandmother and perhaps learn more about the Underwood side of her ancestors, especially since her great aunts whom she never met bequeathed the old cottage to her.

However, her idyll time is disturbed as her English family's solicitor Sebastian Caughleigh wants to obtain the secrets of the Underwoods. Sebastian, a head of a local coven, knows that Dixie's great aunts used Wicca powers to heal, but then utilized more mundane powers to blackmail their patients. He will kill anyone, including Dixie, to obtain those secrets.

Vampire Kit Marlowe shocks even himself when he finds the mortal American so appealing that he wants more than just a tasty morsel. He becomes her protector from Sebastian and his witches. However, Dixie not only reciprocates Kit's feelings, she tries to keep him safe from the coven. If they survive the local witches, will their love endure too?

WALK IN MOONLIGHT is a well-written supernatural romance that requires the reader to allow their imagination to flow with the plot. The story line is exciting, filled with non- stop action, and Rosemary Laurey hinting at intriguing pasts for several key charcaters deserving their own tales. Kit, who is actually Shakespearean age writer Christopher Marlowe, shows how creative and willing to take a risk Ms. Laurey is by casting a real historical figure as a vampire and male love interest. However, this novel belongs to the intrepid Dixie, who in danger and love goes where the brave dare not go.

Harriet Klausner / August, 2000
Copyright 2000

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted October 15, 2001


Vampires . . . blackmail . . . and murder in a peaceful English village . . .

When Dixie LePage inherits her great-aunts' home in Surrey England, she doesn't expect to find ghosts, murder, and witches abounding.

It's not the attempts on her life that bother her. It's not even that her aunts were named witches. It's the handsome vampire, Christopher Marlowe, that teaches her the real meaning of culture shock.


Walk In Moonlight
by Rosemary Laurey

Avid Press
June 1, 2000
Available: June 1, 2000
ISBN #1929613539
EAN #9781929613533
213 pages
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