"Exciting New Vampire Series"

A not-quite Dead Poet's Society in Jolly Olde England? One of the really interesting aspects of this book was that Ms. Laurey cast a real historical figure in the role of the vampire hero. Christopher Marlowe, a contemporary of William Shakespeare, was a well- known poet and playwright. His death in Deptford at the age of twenty-nine was shrouded in mystery. Among his close contemporaries in life and "after- life" is Thomas Kyd, another Elizabethan playwright, who will soon have his own story. The author blended fact and fiction, passion and humor to fashion a wholly believable tale.

No doubt you've heard there are werewolves in London. Well apparently England hosts their share of vampires, and witches as well. Indeed one of each provide the main male antagonists for the story. There are a number of interesting side characters associated with them as well.

The heroine is an American. Dixie LePage is most definitely mortal. In inheritance left to her by her great aunt brings her to England to view the property in order to sell. She'd hoped for a nice quiet vacation before returning home to her native South Carolina. It was not to be.

Two men are very interested in the contents of her library. Dixie's solicitor Sebastian Caughleigh has nefarious reasons. He?s determined to send Dixie packing before she discovers her late aunts' secrets. Unbeknownst to Dixie, Sebastian is also the head of the local coven of Wiccans.

Wiccans practice the ancient religion of nature worship. Many of the worshippers practice herbal healing, but this coven has been corrupt for sometime beginning with Dixie's elderly great aunts, who made a lucrative living both healing the towns people, then blackmailing them with their secrets. Sebastian wants the information for his own use. He will stop at nothing to get it, not even murder. He is unhappy with Dixie's arrival and plans to send her packing ASAP.

The other man is Christopher Marlowe, or Kit, who is interested in her obtaining her books for his own reasons. He is a bit more pleased by Dixie's arrival, but as he is a vampire, he must be invited into the home in order to enter it. He had not expected to be so taken with the young American woman. A relationship between them is just not possible. His colony has rules regarding mortal/vampire relations. At any rate Dixie would probably be appalled if she knew his true nature. He has reason to dislike Sebastian, and it is not long before he?s become Dixie's self-appointed protector. Unfortunately his is not able to protect himself.

Sebastian holds no appeal for Dixie; she's not even sure she trusts him. Kit is a different story entirely. The more time she spends with him the more she cares for him. Sebastian is not to be thwarted however. He knows what Kit is, and plans to destroy him, thus gaining Kit's power for himself. If he can use Kit's disappearance to implicate him in a murder, so much the better. He is very nearly successful. The roles reverse, as Dixie becomes Kit's savior. Now that Dixie knows the truth about Kit, can the two find a way to thwart Sebastian and get him to own up to his crimes? Can two people from different times, places, and general makeup find a way to be together for all time?

I do so love a strong heroine, and Dixie LePage is certainly that. Kit is a wonderful hero, and I enjoyed the fact that even a being with supernatural strength, and rapid healing ability could still be vulnerable. Ms. Laurey introduced some new "vampire rules" as well. There are quite a few opportunities for humor as this modern day woman deals with the very proper historical vampires. All in all an enjoyable read.

Leslie Tramposch - Copyright 2000
for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 14, 2001


Vampires . . . blackmail . . . and murder in a peaceful English village . . .

When Dixie LePage inherits her great-aunts' home in Surrey England, she doesn't expect to find ghosts, murder, and witches abounding.

It's not the attempts on her life that bother her. It's not even that her aunts were named witches. It's the handsome vampire, Christopher Marlowe, that teaches her the real meaning of culture shock.


Walk In Moonlight
by Rosemary Laurey

Avid Press
June 1, 2000
Available: June 1, 2000
ISBN #1929613539
EAN #9781929613533
213 pages
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