"You will need to read detailed 'blurb' on the website to enjoy the story"

He found her among the humans at a Mystery Ball. Dark Fay Prince, Frost Tamann had searched for ten years for the woman who been chosen for him. She had wed and then abandoned him before their union could be completed and this time Darcioney would be the one to suffer.

COLOR OF TWILIGHT is a very enticing short story written with a sensuality that is typical of Cleste Anwar's books. This is the first of the 'Lords Of Magic' series, which perhaps explains why it feels incomplete. I enjoyed the characters and the atmosphere and style with which the story is written. However, if it had not been for the detailed cover 'blurb' on the website I may have been left wondering about the motivation of the hero and heroine. I felt as if I had been dropped into the middle or end of a story since it involves only one encounter between the main characters and I was left feeling a little cheated. Never-the-less the quality of the writing and the hints given are enough to tempt me into buying the next in the series which, I hope, was the author's intent.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted February 21, 2004


LORDS OF MAGIC: In the mists of our world exists another ... a world of magic ... a world of the fay.

Six kingdoms there are, three of light, three of dark. And each is ruled by a powerful prince, uncrowned until joined in marriage. They each keep the careful balance that allows them to live in secret, protected. But no fay child has been born in centuries--their race is dying, and the virility of the princes must be restored, for too long have they lived untouched. An ancient counsel has told them how to save the fay ... but to do that, they must surrender themselves to the one thing each has resisted for millenia-- soul sharing with a fairy queen.

For ten long years, the dark fay prince, Frost Tamann, has searched for his chosen. The chase that has left him hollow inside has finally ended, for at the Mystery Ball, he has found the woman who crushed his heart so long ago.

Tonight, she will feel the agony of unquenched desire ... the burn of ice ... the brand of his mouth.

He will see her beg before he takes her, and never will she flee him again.


Lords of Magic I: The Color of Twilight
by Celeste Anwar

New Concepts Publishing
January 13, 2004
ISBN #0000000014
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