DREAMQUEST contains nine diverse paranormal romance tales. These tales contain such subjects as curses, ghosts, elves, and alien worlds. Although some tales don't have the expected ending, they are all entertaining. DREAMQUEST has a tale for everyone.

"The Beauty in the Beast" by K.G. McAbee This story gives an interesting twist on the beauty and beast theme, with the woman featured in the role of the beast.

"The Girl in the Box" by Janet Miller A great tale about how a handicapped woman, in a world where people have few imperfections, finds love.

"Knight Moves" by C. B. Scott A woman is transported into her favorite movie and meets the hero of her dreams. Because of her experiences there, she grows emotionally and is able to find love in her own reality.

"Through the Woods" by Ellen Edgars Beth Hawthorne's solitary existence is disturbed by a mysterious little girl and her father... but the little girl is not what she appears.

"Kallaayt's Tale" by Rosemary Laurey This was my favorite of the nine stories! It is about a shapeshifting dragon and his mission to save his human soulmate.

"Smoke and Mirrors" by Donna MacMeans A woman buys a magical amber pendent, which seems to give her her wish to be slender. She meets a man and falls in love. Does he love her or the image the pendent has created?

"Lady of Maragorn" by J. C. Wilder Nia, a cursed elf halfling, must find true love to break her curse.

"Interface" by Isabo Kelly Gina, a scientist on another planet, is being threatened because of her latest creation. This is an action-packed science fiction romance about her struggle to survive.

"To Call the Moons" by Megan Sybil Baker Torrin, a Chalith, must discover the true nature of Miera, the woman who called him. On a world where Chalith's are hunted, Torrin must be wary, even of love.

DREAMQUEST was a very enjoyable compilation of paranormal romances. I highly recommend this book to the reader of paranormal romances.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted February 21, 2004


Also in electronic format - ISBN: 1553160363

A Collection of Nine Spellbinding Paranormal Romances Edited by J. C. Wilder and Linnea Sinclair (aka Megan Sybil Baker)

You're invited to follow your heart and your dreams through nine stunning paranormal romances, including stories by award-winning authors Megan Sybil Baker, Rosemary Laurey, C.B. Scott and J.C. Wilder!

"The Beauty in the Beast" by K.G. McAbee
"The Girl in the Box" by Janet Miller
"Knight Moves" by CB Scott
"Kallaayt's Tale" by Rosemary Laurey
"Interface" by Isabo Kelly
"Through the Woods" by Ellen Edgar
"Smoke and Mirrors" by Donna MacMeans
"To Call the Moons" by Megan Sybil Baker
"Lady of Maragorn" by J.C. Wilder


by J. C. Wilder, Linnea Sinclair

October 1, 2003
ISBN #1553164946
EAN #9781553164944
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