"An excellent historical story with a touch of paranormal"

A TOUCH OF CHARM is the second in "Grace Trilogy" featuring three sisters living in the 1880's in Colorado Springs. Although stories are written by different authors, they are about the same family. The Sullivan sisters, Belle, Charisma, and Grace are named after the three Graces, but somehow none of them actually embody those traits...or do they? All three had gone to the park 'The Garden Of The Gods' in the Colorado mountains and at the foot of the Three Graces formation, they made a wish, Belle to be beautiful, Charisma to be charming, and Grace to be graceful.

Fortunately on Mount Olympus, the actual Graces were listening and have taken the project of giving these young women exactly what they need. Belle already learned to be beautiful and won her husband in BELLE OF THE BALL; and now it is now out-spoken Charisma's turn. She's set her particular Grace, Thalia, a special challenge since in addition to learning charm, Charisma also wishes to make a difference in the world.

As a young Democratic candidate for the state senate, Will Barclay could use a woman with charm. He is interested in the lovely Charisma, but the young woman's mouth is forever getting her into trouble. In the guise of a respectable widow, Thalia suggests that having Charisma as an escort would help divert the husband-hunting women while he's campaigning in Colorado Springs. He tries this suggestion only to have Charisma demonstrate her inability to avoid speaking her mind. Only Thalia's agreeing to tutor Charisma makes him give her a second chance.

This was primarily a historical novel about a fascinating time in America before women had the vote and when changes were taking place rapidly. The story of how Charisma learned charm was presented quite well, as well as how best to make a difference. In fact, the scenes with her and Will's mother talking to other ladies about how to control their men were some of the funniest in the book. While Will isn't looking for a wife, he is clearly happy to have Charisma around, but when she's too subdued, he finds he misses her spirit. Before long he realizes that it is the whole woman he needs.

Over all an excellent book with a touch of paranormal. The three Graces show up often, primarily to question how their sister Thalia is doing, as well as their assistant, Hercules. Although the book would have held up well without them, it was fun having the mythological characters around.

Three Grace Series:
Book 1: BELLE OF THE BALL by Pam McCutcheon
Book 2: A TOUCH OF CHARM by Karen Fox
Book 3: SAY GOODNIGHT, GRACIE by Yvonne Jocks

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted February 21, 2004



Most folks in Colorado Springs find Charisma Sullivan's outspokenness the opposite of charming. But senatorial candidate Will Barclay is intrigued by her intelligent views. Realizing that a lovely sweetheart would be a campaign asset, Will asks Charisma to pose as his escort until the election. But, despite the gentle guidance of Thalia, a senator's widow, Charisma's candor lands her in hot water..even as her deepening feelings for Will draw them both into an intimate entanglement. Passion and politics make a dangerous combination and soon Will must choose between playing it safe...and playing for keeps!

Other books in the Three Grace Series:
Book 1: BELLE OF THE BALL by Pam McCutcheon
Book 3: SAY GOODNIGHT, GRACIE by Yvonne Jocks (coming in 2004)


A Touch of Charm
(Three Grace series, Book 2)
by Karen Fox

September 1, 2003
ISBN #0821774557
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