"A dynamite fantasy romance"

In New Orleans on the alternate earth Wildside, courier Lyris is assigned to learn whether Goblin King Quede is also a vampire. She knows how difficult it will prove to get close enough the make the determination so she enlists the help of a half breed stripper Romeo Hart. He agrees as he sees Lyris as a perfect front to hide his cover. He is really Roman Hautecoeur, undercover trying to learn what the evil Quede is plotting.

As Lyris and Romeo work closely together, an attraction between them blossoms. However, Quede's spies know why Lyris is in town, but he also is fascinated by the lass who might wants to destroy him. However, danger can come from anywhere as Lyris learns that Quede may want to lovingly kill her and a seemingly immortal hobgoblin threatens her and Romeo but her most dangerous foe is her partner who steals her heart.

The latest Wildside fantasy romance (see TRAVELER) is a terrific tale that makes this alternate realm seems real due to the bantering relationship between the lead duo. Romeo is sort of like a mythical Hans Solo as he is amusing, tough, and sensitive (just don't remind him of the last trait). Lyris is an intrepid heroine willing to die if her death means the end of Quede's Goblin reign. The support cast brings Wildside further to life so that readers will want to visit the place where Goblins apparently killed JFK.

© Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 23, 2004


In the alternate world of the Wildside, earth is populated not only by humans but creatures of dark, seductive magicó pookas, sylphs, goblins and more. This wonderland is in delicate balance. And the goblins are always plotting.

Lyris knows all about goblins. But is Quede the biggest threat in New Orleans, or is it the strange owner of the plantation Toujours Perdrix? Or is it Romeo Hart, the fey who laughed at death and quickened Lyris's blood? This courier mission she's just been assigned is trouble. No question. Lyris is in danger of losing her life, her soul, or her heartóbut by the time she discovers which, it will be too late.

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The Courier
(Wildside: Book 3)
by Melanie Jackson

Dorchester (Leisure Books)
March 1, 2004
Available: March 1, 2004
ISBN #0505525763
EAN #9780505525765
368 pages
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