"Engaging vampire romance"

In 1959, Edge being the oldest and most experienced of the Gang of Five serves as a surrogate farther to his four fledglings. The youngest returns home to tell them how she drank blood from some stud that peed in his pants before she took his Rolex and wallet. Edge leaves to locate one of his children who failed to return home. When he comes back alone, he finds his four vampire children dead and the watch missing. Edge vows to kill Frank Stiles, the man who peed in his pants.

Forty years later Edge still hunts down Frank though he previously killed this hated human. He learns that Frank comes back to life due to something involving the "Child of Promise" that Frank once held prisoner. Edge believes that this "Child", the only known half human and half vampire in existence can lead him to Frank. When the legendary "child" Amber Lily travels to assist a human friend dying from cancer, she runs into Edge. As they become acquainted they fall in love though she knows he is using her. Neither understands that their agendas match, as she needs Frank who used his experiments on her to learn how to cheat death.

EDGE OF TWILIGHT is an engaging vampire romance starring two exceptional protagonists. The support cast is a delight as each one wants to keep Amber safe in a cocoon and none including the heroine trusts Edge. Though the timeline seems inexplicable as to why Edge failed to kill Frank in the first three decades plus after the fledgling murders occurred and before he kidnapped Amber, fans will appreciate this engrossing supernatural romantic suspense.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 10, 2004


Return to the dark, erotic world of Wings in the Night.

His name is Edge, and he is the last of a band of Immortals who have been hunted down and murdered by Frank Stiles -- an enemy determined to unlock their deepest secrets. Vengeance has become Edge's obsession. To claim it, he must find the young woman whispered to be the Golden Child.

A legend among the undead, Amber Lily is the only half human, half vampire ever born, and is possessed of powers even she is unaware of. Amber alone understands the dangerous threat of Frank Stiles. Only she may hold the key to his vulnerability... and his doom.

Amber shares Edge's need to get Stiles. But she needs to keep him alive for reasons of her own. Edge is exciting and dangerous, and despite her own instinct for self-preservation, Amber is drawn into his hunt. In doing so, she will cast her fate to the wings of the night, to a passion that may be her destiny, to an evil she may not be able to defeat -- to the edge of twilight where only the Immortals belong.


Edge of Twilight
(Wings in the Night: Book 10)
by Maggie Shayne

October 1, 2005
Available: October 1, 2005
ISBN #0778320227
EAN #9780778320227
400 pages
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