"Great vampire romance"

In 1800 the three preadolescent children serendipitously creep towards the house of the hermit Mr. Mikhailovich, rumored by some to be a vampire. Though eight years old Angelina would prefer to skip this test, her companions Kevin and Josh insists she must complete the quest if she wants to join their club. The mysterious stranger catches Angelina and warns her to never come back but whispers "someday".

Fifteen years later, Angelina has erotic dreams of the alluring tall dark and handsome man she met on that initiation trek, which is why she has had five London seasons without a match. In her sixth season, Count Roman Ivanovich meets Angelina, but she knows he is the living flesh of her dream man. Roman has patiently waited for his beloved to mature. Now he wants his soulmate Angelina to willingly turn into his beloved vampiress for an eternity, but he must keep her safe from a vampire hunter who has no scruples and would use a young woman as an expendable pawn.

MOONLIGHT RENDEZVOUS WITH A VAMPIRE is a remarkable Regency supernatural romance because the three prime players make the novella work as the audience sees what motivates each one of them. Interestingly the means is perhaps more critical than the end as how you arrive at the destination determines the scope of one's true humanity as rationalization of a greater good is inadequate if one takes the low road to achieve it. Fans will appreciate Marianne LaCroix's tale and look for her Descendents of Darkness works.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 25, 2004


Angelina had met a mysterious man as a child, and he continued to live in her memory all her life. Now a young woman in her sixth season on the London marriage mart, Angelina looked for the man who haunted her dreams with his striking eyes and mesmerizing touch.

Count Roman waited years to finally take Angelina as his mate. Her blood called to him as he waited for her to grow into a beautiful woman, and now the time has come. Can he wait to win her heart in the restrains of English society? And once she learned his secret, will she be willing to become like him, an immortal vampire? When they come together, passions inflame and no rules will keep the lovers apart.

Meanwhile, the Hunter stalks within the shadows of society. Danger lurks as he plots to take Angelina and kill Roman once and for all. Can the lovers destroy the Hunter before he destroys them?


Moonlight Rendezvous with a Vampire
by Marianne LaCroix

Amber Quill Press
December 9, 2003
ISBN #1592791778
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