"An amazing world worth exploring!"

Irisa DeGennio is young, innocent, and a clutz. She is also determined to change her life. When she takes off with the Company to explore the stars, she gets her chance.

Unfortunately for Irisa, Bob Darrow, head of the exploration team, wants everything his way. He wants glory. He wants power. He wants Irisa.

While the team is exploring, Irisa is left on her own. Venturing beyond her prescribed boundaries, she is caught in a snowstorm during a warm, summer day. Disoriented, she is found by a huge, cat-like creature and herded to a lean- to where a purple-haired, cobalt-blue eyed alien welcomes her to share his fire. Niallan is a survival skills instructor, away from his home planet during the winter celebration. The cat-like creature is his companion, a sentient animal telepathically bonded to him. The companion, sensing Niallan's loneliness, has delivered just the right remedy.

The two grow close, very quickly. When Bob finds out, (by surreptitiously recording Irisa's room), he determines to capture the alien and return with him as a trophy. Although Niallan is quite capable of caring for himself, things are complicated by the need to protect Irisa.

Irisa and Niallan flee for Niallan's home world. As their relationship grows, Irisa learns new skills, (piloting), and begins to develop a self-confidence which had been sorely lacking in her life.

Naturally, Bob follows them across the galaxy. He is not going to give up easily. To further complicate matters, Niallan's planet is soon to be destroyed by a rogue nebula. The company can help them find a new planet; but at what cost?

Ms. Starr has created a wonderful story. Irisa and Niallan both grow emotionally, and spiritually, through the power of their love. The companions are fascinating, especially on their home planet. And the customs she has derived for her alien world are rich and satisfying.

Dancing the Stars has a mystical, dream-like flavor to it. While there was plenty of action, a liberal sprinkling of humor, and a sweet sensuality, there was throughout the book an underlying sense of spirituality. I'd love to further explore this world. Seconds, anyone?

Reviewed by Gina Duvall
Posted January 20, 2004


Amazing what can be found on an archeological expedition.

Irisa bumbles through a summer snowstorm to discover a crude lean-to…complete with a warm fire and loin-cloth clad man. When the expedition leader also discovers the alien, a chase across the galaxy bring Irisa and Niallan close to the Planet-Eater.

But, which is the more dangerous--the Company that wants evidence of alien life--or the mindless mass destruction of the huge nebula?


Dancing the Stars
by Lizzie Starr

Wings e-Press
December 1, 2002
ISBN #1590888731
EAN #9781590888735
370 pages
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