"Robin D. Owens shows us a 'familiar' side of romance!"

Robin D. Owens has created a fabulous world in Celta and continues to fascinate us with this culture in her second novel Heart Thief. Ms. Owens weaves an intricate story of suspense, love and prejudice by telling us the story of Ruis, the Null that stole the heart gift in the first novel.

Ruis Elder has been shunned by the Celtans as a Null. Where flair and spells drive the culture; a null cancels out all of this when within his range. Since the Celtans don't understand his ability they pre-judge him and banish him from Druida. Only one Judge on the council sees him for more than he is, Ailim.

Ailim D'Siliverfir is a SupremeJudge, however on the day she stumbles in and sits next to Ruis in the court hall she is going before the noble council herself. But as she sits with Ruis she finds for the first time she can rest, as her flair has a tendency to deprive her of peace. Ailim's flair centers on reading minds and sensing the truth of situations. This rare close contact awakens in Ruis a feeling he has never known, and for Ailim the stirring of something more pure than flair.

At first Ailim does not realize he is anything less than a noble man. It is not until Ruis is called before the council that his Uncle presides over, where he is judged and condemned to banishment from Druida, that Ailim realizes her mistake. But regardless of it she senses an injustice and curiosity to know more of a man that drives up her pulse without the benefit of flair.

Ms. Owen's story is full of Celtan romance, charm and history. And of course no character is complete without their Fam. And Ruis is granted, at the time of his banishment, a huge Calico cat named Samba to keep him company in his banishment. As the offspring of the FamCat Zanth in Heartmate, Samba really makes this book fun with her attitude and loyalty. I swear I will never look at my cats the same.

Although the characters are interesting I find the driving force in this book is the fantastic Celtan world Robin D. Owens has created and the dynamics of the Fam Pets to their owners. I look forward to learning more about this world in her next book Heart Duel.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted January 18, 2004


Ruis Elder never asked for his unusual trait - the ability to neutalize other's psychic talents. Because of it, he has always been hated in his own homeland, destined to roam the harsh planet alone. But trouble finds him in front of the ruling Council - and face-to-face with the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. There's only one problem: Ailim is on the opposite side of the bench...

Ailim has never before felt such passion coursing through her as she feels in Ruis's presence. And she never thought she would - at least not with a man so far beneath her station, a man who does not even have psychic powers. But even on the planet Celta, love is blind to such details. Separately, Ailim and Ruis must forgo their old lives. But together the can take on the world...

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Heart Thief
(Celta series, Book 2)
by Robin D. Owens

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
June 1, 2003
Available: June 3, 2003
ISBN #0425190722
EAN #9780425190722
352 pages
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