"Exciting time travel"

Wealthy businessman Marcus Van Buren is honeymooning with his new bride. His personal assistant Rufus Sinclair along with parapsychologist professor Thaddeus Bookman has a very unusual assignment. They have to somehow persuade the ghosts of his ancestors James, Jonas and Izzy to move on to the next plane and stop haunting Laguna Vista. Jonas, who admitted the mistake he made in his mortal life, is free to move on but he is waiting to go with his siblings.

Izzy is keeping something hidden and when he tries to force her to tell him what it is a whirlwind sends him back to 1923 to the home of the Van Buren siblings. Izzy, a free spirit, takes one look at him and wants to jump his bones. She intends to make Rufus husband number three but he is more interested in her best friend Grace a barnstorming stunt pilot who doesn't want to have anything to do with love. With her attitude and Rufus's mission it will be a miracle if these two people can forge a lasting relationship.

KINDRED SPIRITS is a light-hearted time travel romance that is a witty and very enjoyable reading experience. Trapped in the past, with his only connection to his present a cell phone that can span the decades and allow him to talk to the Professor, Rufus is constantly sidetracked from his main mission by his growing feelings for Grace. Although Izzy is frivolous and a bit promiscuous, she provides much needed comic relief when the relationship between Grace and Rufus threatens to overheat.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 17, 2004


Blown back to 1923 to help a wayward flapper find redemption. playboy Rufus Sinclair challenges destiny when he falls for the flapper's best friend, Grace La Rue, a daredevil tomboy raised not to need a man. Kindred Spirits is a high-flying adventure testing the boundaries of friendship and love.


Kindred Spirits
(sequel to Scandalous Spirits)
by C. B. Scott

Imajinn Books
December 1, 2003
Available: December 1, 2003
ISBN #189389634X
EAN #9781893896345
224 pages
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