"Sleeping Beauty with a Paranomal Twist"

Another triumph for Tracy! HEART OF THE DOVE confirms what we all suspected after reading her debut novel, T0UCH NOT THE CAT - Ms. Fobes is destined to become a para-romance legend! Her way with a descriptive phrase draws you right into the story. She empowers her heroines without emasculating her heroes. No simply "feisty" heroine here, she's ready and able to protect her hero if she must. He is confident enough to accept her strength, courageous enough to defend her as well.

Sleeping Beauty with a Twist 1593: Beautiful witch, Morgana Fey, is faced with a terrible choice: relinquish her magical crystal dove to greedy warlock, Edward Drakewyck, and his cohort Henry Clairmont, OR watch her beloved die a painful death. She chooses love, her reward - eternal sleep. As her sight fades she has a vision which will provide her with a means for revenge. Before she succumbs, she curses the families with a prediction of the future. She will awaken when a Drakewyck witch and a Clairmont knave shall love, and thus recover the dove and destroy her enemies. Edward warns all who will come after him against loving a Clairmont in a note to be passed down to each successive generation.

1896: Another young and beautiful witch covertly practices healing magic in a secluded glen bordering her property and that of the Clairmont family. Lucinda Drakewyck has been troubled by a vision. A mysterious man and woman seem entwined in her fate. The man with a crippled hand, she sees as her protector, a man she could easily love. The woman a powerful enemy who will destroy them both, if they allow themselves to love. A crystal dove is at the heart of the conflict. A chance meeting that day in the glen brings Lucinda face to face with her hero. He is dark and brooding and has a crippled hand, he is also rude and departs without an introduction.

Startled at seeing a part of her vision in the flesh, Lucinda returns to her home and confides in her Uncle, hoping for reassurance. Instead she is given the family spell book, complete with a description of Morgana, the nature of the curse, and Edward's warning. He also gives her the crystal dove. Lucinda now knows her vision to be true. She knows she must seek out her protector, but that she must a all costs resist loving him.

The hero, Richard Drakewyck, a Crimean war veteran, is home at last physically damaged and mentally suffering from survivors guilt. He too had been faced with a terrible choice. His actions resulted in an injury to his hand and the death of his dearest friend. He is determined to live alone in a derelict tower, a rundown section of his family home. He wants to be left alone to brood, but there is something about the young lady in the glen that intrigues him inspite of himself.

Having connected with her hero, Lucinda now must test the power of the dove in order to be prepared for her confrontation with her mysterious enemy. Her test backfires, the power of the dove creates a conflagration that draws Richard back to the glen. The force of the reaction has caused Lucinda to drop the dove and as the pair find it simultaneously, their hands touch. The dove glows and elsewhere in the glen, in a secluded grave, a soul is awakened.

An "accident" caused by Richard's wild young sister involves both Lucinda and the victim, a mysterious stranger named Faye Morgan. At last all the parties necessary to fulfill the prophesy are together under one roof. Will Morgana have her revenge at last, will Lucinda and Richard be able to resist love, or will the heart of the dove be one that heals? I highly recommend this novel.

Copyright 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 8, 2001


Lucinda Drakewyck, one of a long line of Drakewyck witches, has foreseen her own death. Desperate for answers, she calls upon the magic in her cherished crystal dove, hoping for visions of the warrior whose love would first save her then destroy them both. When wounded Crimean cavalry officer Richard Clairmont walks into her secret forest glen, Lucinda recognizes him as her promised hero. Destiny has determined that only he can rescue her from a ghastly fate, and yet Lucinda fights the attraction between them, knowing if they love, both their lives are forfeit.

Richard Clairmont doesn't believe in love, magic, or even himself. A captain in Her Majesty's Eleventh Hussars, he charged into the mouth of Hell and returned scarred forever. But from the moment he meets Lucinda Drakewyck, sunshine enters his life, throwing light on the shadows in his heart and making him question the possibility of magic. Together, they must stand against a malevolent presence and test the true power of their love.


Heart of the Dove
by Tracy Fobes

August 1, 1999
ISBN #067102468X
EAN #9780671024680
416 pages
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