"A fast paced romantic suspense"

This is a wonderful book by a new author at least new to this reviewer. She writes a story about a courageous spunky nurse in the ICU and a burnt out cop retiring from Portland's homicide unit. Andie had bought herself a place out in the country when her husband had died 8 years ago. She loved it. It was a wonderful place to unwind after working the long shifts required as a nurse. She was saving her money to buy the now vacant property next door. She didn't pay much attention to the fact that the for sale sign was gone when she drove past the lane yesterday. Now with a lot of noise the adjoining yard was filling up with vehicles that were loaded to the brim with furniture and boxes. It couldn't be she thought. The farm next door couldn't have been sold to some one else!! She was about to meet her new neighbour!

Andie and Max definitely got off to a rocky start. Max was instantly attracted, Andie was ticked off because he had dared to buy was she was hoping on being her property! Sounds like a match made in heaven right? Wrong, Andie, despite the fact that Max is a hunk discovers that she is accident prone when he's around. That doesn't make the relationship go smoother. Little does Andie know that before too long she'll be glad to have a 6'6 in male living next door. Unbeknownst to Andie one of her patients whom she and the other nurses have been courageously keeping alive has a nephew who would definitely be happy if his uncle never came out of the hospital alive! As accidents start to happen in and out of the hospital no one realizes that that they are due to one man! And that man has targeted Andie as the man reason for his uncle's continued good health!

I loved the interactions between Andie and Max. The secondary characters were humorously portrayed. Max was getting relationship advice from his sister. Using his ex- partner to find out about Andie's background rather than just asking her!!

Andie had some hang-ups of her own to get past as well. Even though she admitted her neighbour was a gorgeous specimen of manhood, she was not looking to get seriously involved. Will she learn to trust a man enough again in time to save her life? I heartily recommend this book. It is fast paced; the interactions between the hero and heroine are wonderful and the suspense adds just the right touch. This is definitely an author to keep and eye on. Keep those books coming Ms.Samantha Gail!

Reviewed by Sophie Murphy
Posted January 7, 2004


Trespass of the Heart
by Samantha Gail

PublishAmerica, Inc.
June 1, 2003
ISBN #1592866484
196 pages
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