"Excellent time travel with more adventure than romance"

Earth date 1779: There is a dark force preparing to rear its ugly head, and history as we know it may never be the same. The primitive planet Earth is in danger of being used as a soul harvesting ground by Quentin Seltar, an evil that spans history. Crusader Lea Netera Payton has been summoned to the deck of the Bonhomme Richard and issued a challenge by the Dark Lord to become Earth's spiritual guardian. Lea Netera, is the Goddess Mother Nature, and a Holian Knight as well. After fighting endless Light Force campaigns against the Phantom Force, battling evil is what she does best. She rescues Captain John Paul Jones, and accepts Seltar's challenge, thus continuing the epic battle of good vs. evil that spans space and time. She must navigate history, assisting Earth mortals during four periods of great crisis. Lea may use her High Para abilities, but cannot change history. She returns to the future to enlist the help of Earth-Force 1, and an eclectic group of mortals that include a teenage historian, an astronomer, an elementary school teacher, and a zoologist. Her time travel challenge spans two years and has her interacting with important historic figures such as King Louis XVI, Ben Franklin, George Washington, H.G. Wells and others.

Lea Netera is a high tech, kick butt Mother Nature on a mission. Her tough as nails character has a depth of compassion beyond measure. The story has only light romantic overtones, an area I'd like to see developed in the sequel. The Guardian is a non-stop trip from past to future, and every "time" in between. Enjoy the ride.

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
January 7, 2004

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted January 7, 2004


A decision to assist a neutral battleship in the Elezian Universe leads to Crusader Lea Netera Payton being forcefully portated out of a ship and into Earth's Atlantic Ocean. A captain's struggle to survive draws her to him and steers her right into history.

When the Dark Lord of Intarius announces a Challenge for Planetary Guardianship, Lea must accept or the planet will fall into the hands of evil. So begins her mission to intervene in four Earthian conflicts. Follow her from the American Revolution to the future in a two-year, don't- look-back adventure complete with Holians, demons and a lion companion.


The Guardian
by Denise Fleischer

Port Town Publishing
August 1, 2003
Available: December 4, 2006
ISBN #0974083380
EAN #9780974083384
369 pages
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