"A science fiction novel with fascinating characters - and romance"

Within the first few pages I was hooked by the story, and the fascinating worlds, of Kyllikki, a high ranking telepath now in exile. The characters, the settings, the pace, the tension of DREAMSPY are all very well done. But then, that's to be expected from Ms. Lichtenberg, creator of the Zeor novels in the 1980s and current web-mistress of Sime~Gen, a site for fans of Zeor and also a respected writers' school. In the pages of her writing school site, Lichtenberg comments frequently on the structure of a novel and the use of conflict.

DREAMSPY is wonderfully structured and chock full of conflict and-- a plus-- romance!

But back to the story: Kylliki has been alienated from her homeworld and her status as a member of a ruling family and finds herself a fugitive, allied with her former enemies. A deep space accident--which may not be so accidental after all--sends the handsome and enigmatic Elias; a purported musician favored by the elite, into her care and the care of her companions, who are fascinating characters, all: Idom, an older mentor, and Zuchmul, a luren. Fans of Lichtenberg's 'Those of My Blood' will know that the luren are an intergalactic vampire species. But you don't need to have read Blood to enjoy DREAMSPY. I haven't--yet--but after this book, I definitely will (and I'm not usually a vampire fan).

It soon becomes clear there are deeper forces at work, forces that Kylliki knows only too well. These forces threaten the very existence of interstellar travel and, if successful, could succeed in destroying hundreds of civilizations by cutting them off from supply routes. Kylliki and her companions must stop this. However, a whole host of threats work first to stop them. And Kylliki must come to terms not only with her past, but her future with Elias--if she can even have one with a man who may well be her worst enemy, fully capable of betraying her through his dreams, fully capable of killing her. Or risking his life to save hers.

DREAMSPY is a texturally rich novel with fascinating characters: Idom and his numbers, Zuchmul and his inability to be exposed to light, Elias and his music. This is definitely a science fiction novel, but it has a strong romance subplot. Kyllikki's relationships with Elias and Zuchmul are complex and haunting but don't take center stage as they would in a 'pure' romance novel. Rather they meld, become an integral part of the story, the conflict and character growth.

DREAMSPY has introduced me to a galactic civilization I look forward to exploring further. A highly recommended, very memorable read.

Reviewed for PNR Reviews by Linnea Sinclair, author

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 6, 2004


Continuing the universe introduced in Those of My Blood , this volume finds two powerful political factions, the Teleod and the Metaji, waging war over two competing systems of interstellar travel, with the Metaji alleging that the Teleod are destroying the substrata of space-time that make such travel possible. A small group of outcasts attempts to divert the course of war to avert disaster. Kyllikki, a high-ranking telepath who deserts the Teleod to join the Metaji Empire, joins with the luren (vampire) Zuchmul and the Guide (astrogator) Idom, to rescue a Dreamer, Elias, after their vessels are destroyed during battle. Elias, who has been kidnapped from Earth, is bonded--illegally--to Kyllikki's cousin, Zimor, leader of the Teleod. The four then set off across the galaxy in a stolen starship to depose Zimor.


by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

BenBella Books
April 1, 2004
ISBN #1932100253
336 pages
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