"fast-paced and well written witch and shapeshifter romance"

Chely Austin has just inherited a house in Cades Cove, North Carolina, from her beloved and recently departed grandfather. Problem is, half of the house rests on the property line of her grandfather's neighbor and her neighbor's grandson, Ty Walker is in town to claim his grandmother's half of the property. Chely's biggest and most immediate problem isn't whether or not she owns the house free and clear, but whether the intruder she has discovered downstairs in her living room is as trustworthy and harmless as he claims. She's taking no chances and holds Ty Walker at gunpoint, accidentally discharging her weapon at him and scaring the bejeesus out of her charge until Joe, the town sheriff vouches for Ty's reliability.

Ty has returned to town for the first time in almost twenty years for one reason and one reason only: He wants to purchase the house free and clear from Chely, sell it for a profit and settle his grandmother into a smaller more manageable apartment with the proceeds. He doesn't want a hassle about property lines and ownership. And the absolute last thing he wants or needs is an emotional involvement with someone as dangerous to his psyche and equilibrium as Chely Austin has already proven to be. He can't take the chance of getting close to Chely, he can't risk her discovering his secrets and alter ego: that he is a gifted witch from a long line of witches, and is a shapeshifter.

Chely isn't too crazy about getting close to Ty either, despite his drop-dead gorgeous looks and masculinity. She knows he's hiding something behind those deep eyes and muscular frame, something more ominous than the truth behind who owns her grandfather's house. Strange unexplainable things have been happening to and around her ever since Ty's arrival. Objects move of their own volition, doors open by themselves. Chely's suspicions about Ty's telekinetic ability are further confirmed by town gossip that has knives flung towards an adversary during a bar brawl. Does she really want to get involved with a man with such dangerous abilities, especially one with whom she shares such a deep and incomprehensible bond? A man with a past tightly connected to hers, a past on which she can't quite put a finger or remember?

Already burgeoning, Chely's and Ty's attraction kicks into high gear after a skeleton is found under the foundation of the house in question, and Ty vows to get to the bottom of the mystery and protect Chely by whatever means necessary. It is a promise that becomes increasingly harder to keep when the body count rises, specifically when the skeletons of several missing children turn up in the house and on its property causing local authorities to cast suspicious eyes towards Chely's dead grandfather and Ty's grandmother Mae, Cade's Cove's much-maligned resident witch.

From the moment Chely is awakened in the dead of a December night to find Ty prowling in the downstairs rooms of her house, the sparks fly between her and Mae's gifted and troubled grandson. The chemistry between the leads is palpable; the story fast-paced and well written. The subplot characters add color and intrigue to an already tightly woven plot and the revelation of the villainess' -- the Lady In Red's real identity is a nice twist and cherry on top of a well-prepared cake.

MOON OF LITTLE WINTER is a book I highly recommend for fans of paranormal, witch and shapeshifter romance.

Reviewed for PNR Reviews by Gracie McKeever, Author

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted January 1, 2004


Talk about a skeleton in a closet, except this one is found under the house Chely Austin inherits from her grandfather after his death. Cades Cove's green-eyed, black-haired librarian's life is thrown into chaos as she tries to learn the secrets her grandfather kept. When a sexy carpenter with brown eyes arrives in town, she can't help falling for him. Strange things happen when he's around. Doors open by themselves; pictures fall off the wall, and ice cubes jump into cups all by themselves. Chely is intrigued, but cautious. Too many people have left her alone in her life.

Ty Walker shows up in the middle of the night claiming half of Chely's house is built on the property he plans to buy from his grandmother. Chely greets him at gunpoint and claims the property is hers. He hopes to prove her wrong if they can find the property lines while the police investigate a twenty-year-old murder. What he didn't count on was falling for the pistol-packing honey. Is he willing to take a chance on love? No woman has ever accepted him for what he is ... a male witch that can shift into a wolf.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter, Fantasy, Magic


Moon of Little Winter
by Margaret Marr

Novel Books, Inc.
September 1, 2002
Available: September 20, 2002
ISBN #1591050758
EAN #9781591050759
280 pages
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